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My Bio (For use in Fanfics, RP and related posts)

[b][u]Giant[/u][/b] [u]Full Name:[/u] G-7567 [u]Race:[/u] Exo [u]Appearance:[/u] Head is Dark grey, with Blue eyes and Dark blue stripe running down the center of his face from the top of his head. Armor is based on the Iron Companion set from Density, with some noticeable differences, such as that of a cape hanging from the left shoulder with the logo of the Sentinel class woven in purple on a black background, and the entire set is shaded metallic greenish-blue (think Refurbished Black Armory) with some Blue accents. [u]Weapons/Equipment:[/u] Two Dual-Wield Handcannons called [i]Duty[/i] and [i]Diligence[/i](Appearance is Last Word with the Laconic ornament), the Monte Carlo, a Flaming BattleAxe (Modeled after the Iron BattleAxe), as well as a sword for more agile combat. Other weapons can be used but these are his signature weapons. Equipment is a pair of repulsor/tractor cannons in the wrist and a personal Jetpack that boosts jump height and allows for some Arial mobility, although not allowing for flight. Also has the intrinsic capability to summon a bubble of Void energy that sustain heavy amounts of damage. He cannot do this very often. [u]Skills/Strengths:[/u] Very Strong. Excellent in hand-to-hand combat. Top physical condition, and has excellent battle instincts. Has a higher level of intelligence than most people of his size, and often uses that to his advantage. [u]Weaknesses:[/u] Magic, Electrocution (It won’t immediately knock him out but it just affects him more than others), and betrayal (has a innate sense of loyalty and is rather trusting), foul play (holdsHonor in a high regard, so foul tactics such as hostages or false surrenders are more effective against him.) [u]Theme:[/u] Forged in Flame: Rise of Iron OST (Every Character ought to have a theme. Music is awesome) [u]Interests:[/u] Often Spars with others to hone is combat skill. Has a unique taste in music, enjoying the instrumental but not very much the verbal. An avid reader, and occasionally dabbles in poetry. Peculiarly enjoys the taste of Water than any other liquid. [u]Personality:[/u] Although once was reclusive and preferring to be solitary, Giant now enjoys the company of his fellow Brothers in arms and Offtopicans. Prefers to listen than to speak, unless he has something to say. Strong-Willed, Assertive, and Stern, with his mind on the task at hand, but will crack the occasional joke or two. He values Honor a great deal, and will not harm an unarmed opponent. In some ways, he is like Shaxx but with the volume turned down. [u]Backstory*:[/u] Giant is a newcomer to the land of Offtopic, having only recently settled down, and as such is still deciding on a place of residence. He is a traveler from the distant and terrible land of Density2, and is still learning to adapt to this new life. Currently he works for Sheriff Lee, the Upvote legion of Ljörd Sirë, and the occasional job with DrTitan, a friend who has been helping him settle in. He’s also a Writer, curiously enough. *[spoiler]Backstory only applies to the regular Offtopic posts, such as the regular election, Endangered Tiger’s Murder Mystery, and so forth. Another backstory will be written for each individual RP post that he is in. Peace.[/spoiler]

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