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9/15/2019 5:29:25 PM

Easiest way to nerf OEM and bottom tree striker.

Tl;dr: Either change one eyed masks healing from regen to a 30 health flat heal or remove it as a whole (health regen isn't stated in the exotic perk, therefore it shouldn't have it unless it's limited). Reduce the buff bottom tree striker got to it's light attack energy reduction from 83% to 70%. These two are largely disliked in the crucible and although I may not agree to some of the reasons or the requests of how people want to change it, I would like to see them tuned at some point so that people who are frustrated with it won't have to worry as much anymore. Keep in mind I am indifferent about how they are currently in crucible, but as a titan who has access to these, bias sets in (although I do not ever really use them unless it's comp) and I just want to acknowledge that first. One eyed mask will be easy to do. The tracker is the main part of the exotic as it states in the exotics perk and changes to that would be detrimental as a whole as that's how it's bonuses are applied. Although the tracker is a big part of what makes one eyed mask so annoying, it's a fundamental piece to the exotic. But something that isn't stated in there is the health regen. The health regen is the biggest problem with the exotic because it gives the titan a health advantage more often than not when entering the next battle and it makes combating it annoying at times. Either get rid of it or change it to like a small 30 health flat heal. Some people might bring up the damage boost, but on most weapons it does practically nothing because at most it can give is 3 damage, which to handcannons, scouts, bows, sniper rifles, shotguns, side arms and heavy is basically nothing. Bottom tree striker is an easy one to tune as well. The largest complaints would be that it just spams it's way to you via the light attack and starts healing and extending its super. All 3 of these are indeed a problem, but the core of what's wrong is in the ability to spam the light attack. The 83% energy reduction buff it received has felt so good to use in pve, but in PvP it's like a titans version of pre-nerf spectral blades. I hate supers that just mash their way to the enemy for kills and even though I have a bias towards my titan, this feeling is no different. Reduce the buff from 83% to 70%. The ability to just spam your way around the map is just ridiculous, but it's reduction in energy cost is what makes the super viable in the first place. This change to increase energy consumption will make spamming the light attack less profitable and will make the super gained on kill less impactful due to the increase in light attack cost. My issue with nerfing it further is that its the only melee super in the game that has a light attack with no ability to kill multiple targets in a single hit. In pve this does actually hurt the super because it solely relies on its heavy energy reduction and super regen to manage what other mobile supers are capable of and since titans have the largest amount of melee/ad clear supers, bottom tree striker sits among the top for best potential, but also among the worst for its severe lack of power and multi hit capabilities. The power attack is just too costly and weak for viability especially once they nerfed the infinite super So there's never a real reason to use it especially since multi kills don't give you more than 1 kills worth due to the very small internal cool down. I'm not necessarily going to be waiting for these things to get nerfed because I don't really care but I know I'm likely not in the majority and ignoring that (when I've been on the other side as well) would just be unfair.

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