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9/13/2019 9:34:43 AM

If thundercrash can't be a boss slayer because of its potentially faster regen...can it at least slay mini bosses?

The more whiney stuff: [spoiler]So many times I've made posts for thundercrash, read posts for thundercrash made by other users and have read arguments that disagree with them. I'll never understand why people try to put the super regen perk on a pedestal so often when the foundation of the pedestal is an exotic. Without skullfort but still stacking melee mods, you might cut off an average of 25-50% of your super in the time you get your next one which is a noticeable reduction in charge time especially for a mode like gambit where certain supers can be critical. But...the main drawback of this perk would be that the super really doesn't do all that much damage. I'm not going to say that thundercrashes job is damage, but every one off super has the same ad clear capabilities while also providing much higher damage. They may not charge as fast potentially, but with how super mods and perks we have function currently, most of the time thundercrashes perk ends up being rather...pointless unless you don't have access to these things due to time constraints in a mode like gambit or because you simply don't have other players to help you out. I think the nerf to how we generate super come shadowkeep might give it a more valuable place with its self sufficiency...but titans still have other means of crazy ad clear and general damage via super spam through sentinel. Bottom tree sentinel having "in the trenches" is actually crazy with doomfang pauldron, because in a single hit you can evaporate 40%+ of your super bar in an instant. Or with middle trees ability to regenerate it's abilities so easily, enhanced ashes to assets and still doomfang Will just allow you to chain super after super in a very fast manner. But my goal isn't to bring attention to what sentinel can do, but rather show how thundercrash isn't the only one with potential for spam. Sharp shooter gunslinger, top tree stormcaller with enhanced ashes to assets and crown of tempest, chaos reach with geomags and any future exotics to grace the game.[/spoiler] Anyways, I want to talk about the main reason I created this post, which originally wasn't to complain but rather make a compromise. People worry thundercrash would be broken with skullfort if it also did high boss damage and I understand that...but that doesn't make it ok for its overall damage to suck. When I do reckoning and the mini-boss phalanxes on the bridge (which have the lowest health of them all) and some guy shoots a tether while arc burn is active and I STILL don't kill it...something is absolutely wrong. My titans life is entirely at risk the second I cast thundercrash because the chances of killing my target, even with overwhelming buffs is still so unbelievably low unless I wait, which no other single use super has to do because they are ranged. It's not the most common thing to die to a quake after using it, but it is not only annoying to deal with but genuinely boring as well. Thundercrash just feels so weak that it's boring to use and when literally nothing but some majors and minors die to the super awesome looking attack I do...its just disappointing. If thundercrash at the very least could slay mini-bosses, not only would titans finally have a strong single use super, but one that's DESIGNED to kill everything with more relative ease but struggling more for damage (which is the argument most commonly made). It needs to excel at being the ad clear obliterator but that title only really applying to enemies you could kill with a few slaps of my sentinel shield or throw of my hammers is just sad. Please bungie, consider buffing it's damage done to everything but bosses so that I have a reason to use it. I want a super that specializes in super ad clear instantly and chaining them back and forth to generate orbs for your allies. That's honestly more fun sounding than another boring boss damage super. Clarity: Buff thundercrashes minor, major, and mini boss damage. Leave boss damage alone.

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