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9/10/2019 11:21:25 PM

Tales of a Mars Sentry // Fireteam Taurus (Part 1)

Masterpost: All was quiet at the base of the Vex Citadel on Venus. Plantlife rustled gently in the wind, creating shadows against the orange sunlit dirt. The occasional goblin or harpy strolled outside to scan the surroundings, perhaps looking for incoming enemy forces, but none came. None came, until two warlocks, unfamiliar with each other, were pushed back to back by waves of advancing Vex. “They bothering you, too?” A female warlock called to an unresponsive male. “Suit yourself. I’m almost pissed beyond words too!” She lashed out at an advancing goblin, reducing it to void particles. “What’s their deal? They’ve been after me for hours!” The other warlock nodded in sympathy. “My name is Procyon.” He continued taking down Vex one by one with a hand cannon. “Auva. Auva-11.” She snorted as they began to be pushed back toward the Citadel. “Now you speak?” A trio of slap rifle shots hit her shoulder, forcing her to take cover behind a rock. He did not respond as he ducked down with her. “Seriously. Talk. You have a good voice, but you’re acting kinda creepy.” A torch hammer blasted the rock, knocking her forward. She grunted, furious, and void energy began to crawl around her entire body. “That’s it, you sons of -blam!-!” she leaped into the air and thrust her arm forward. Tendrils of void light snaked from her core down her arm, knitting themselves into a massive ball of writhing destruction. It rocketed toward the horde of Vex and detonated, reducing them from dozens to few. As the dust cleared, though, a previously unseen cloud oh Vex energy sparked, and a massive minotaur filtered itself into existence, piece by piece. The voidwalker grumbled and began tearing into its torso with a machine gun. It analyzed her proximity to it, as she had just closed in to launch her nova bomb, and smacked her into a wall with its spindly, metallic arm. Procyon frowned, taking in the situation. Several smaller Vex had entered the fray, and they were cornered at the entrance to the citadel. There was no way out, except… The warlock burst forward with a glide and caught Auva with one of his arms. He thrust his other out and fired a continuous stream of arc energy from his palm, minimizing the number of projectiles headed his way. He finally rounded a corner, and the alien gunfire finally stopped. Finally healed, Auva shook her head and took her surroundings in with newly restored vision. “Gah!” She pushed herself away from Procyon. “Who said you had to help me? And that we could leave those guys alone?” She stepped out of cover and aimed at the Vex with her auto rifle. She dumped half of her magazine into the large minotaur but was met with no response. The Vex stood at the foot of the citadel. Watching. Procyon stepped out behind her, tilting his head in confusion at the sight. “The hell are they doing? Hey!” Auva fired another bullet, this time at a lone goblin. Her attempt to rouse them from their apparent trance yielded nothing. A finger tapped her shoulder. “Quit touching me! You want to die?” Auva whipped around to see Procyon pointing toward the hallway behind them. Destroyed Vex chassis littered the ground, creating a sea of bronze. “This-” Auva locked back and forth between the Vex and the bodies of their fallen. One more look, and she spotted Procyon walking on. “Hey! Who said you were calling the shots? Wait!” She ran to catch up to him, keeping an eye on their previous assailants. They continued to stand motionless. Procyon motioned what seemed to be a sigh with his shoulders, and the two warlocks walked deeper into the Vex construct. The chassis continued to lay along the path, all the way to the lift that would take one to the top of the Citadel. As they reached the top, they felt a sort of mugginess come over them. “Ugh. I feel sticky all of a sudden.” Auva complained, leaping forward to set herself on the Vex platforms. Procyon followed close behind. Halfway through the track, the pair heard sounds of combat in the distance. A hunter in deep green fought off waves and waves of Vex, expertly wielding a scout rifle and a shotgun. He jumped from spire to spire, making full use of his light. Burning grenades and knives peppered his enemies as he moved by. He stopped for nothing, continuing to thin the herds. Procyon and Auva approached, finishing off the last of the Vex to aid the hunter. Vex clouds stopped appearing, and the Vex were wiped out. The hunter walked toward the two, strapping his scout rifle to his back. “Thanks for the help there, you two! I was startin’ to get tired, haha.” He walked ever so casually. Auva shook her head. “No problem! Looks like you had it all under control, though.” “Hmm. Maybe I did. It’s the notion that counts, warlock. I’m Altair.” He held his hand out to greet them. “Auva.” She looked over at Procyon, who remained silent, and smacked the back of his head. “Procyon.” He answered immediately, stumbling forward. “Uh, did you take out all those Vex back there?” Auva pointed behind her, gesturing to the rest of the Citadel. “Me? Nah, never. Only the ones on this here platform.” Altair spread his hands out over the space they stood on, which was littered with at least a hundred Vex itself. “That’s still a ton…” Auva thought, examining the aftermath of the hunter’s battle. As her eyes traced back to Altair, a few thin wisps of smoke caught her eye. Slightly shocked, her eyes trailed up to see the faint outline of a minotaur. Procyon drew his hand cannon and aimed next to the hunter's head, but it was too late. The taken minotaur that had managed to sneak up on the trio had already swung its arm down onto Altair, cleaving into the hunter’s shoulder.

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