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9/10/2019 1:40:36 AM

Spark of Glory Chapter 6: The Attack

[i]Unnamed Ketch, sometime mid Golden-Age over at Earth[/i] As consciousness returned to me, I felt the ship vibrate heavily and heard very faint booms from somewhere. I heard the pod open and I opened my eyes, as I also heard a voice telling everyone to prepare for an attack and to get to battle stations. As my eyes adjusted to the light and the freezing gas cleared, I saw the silhouette someone looking at me. “It’s been a while, Koriks. We need your help.” Once my eyes adjusted fully, I saw alarms blaring and heard explosions and gunfire. And I suddenly recognized the voice as I saw the face of… Rajiks. “Indeed, old friend. First off, however, what’s going on? And how have we not run out of ether?” I asked, getting out of the cryopod. “We are being attacked. Come with me and I can show you, the rest will have to wait until after this,” he explained. I moved to my quarters and grabbed my Arc Blade and Shrapnel Launcher, and equipped battle armor. Rajiks then led me to the command deck, where I saw a ship in front of us. It was almost U-shaped, except the back half was a square and filled in, and there were two prong-like extensions forming the front half. “Well, do we have to board it?” I asked. Rajiks confirmed that with a nod. “We should probably head to the hangar. Let’s go!” he exclaimed. Running to the hangar, we boarded a skiff which specialized in boarding. It took off and the sounds of explosions and gunfire began coming all around us. One sounded so close, that I almost thought we had been hit. We eventually got to their hangar, which others had secured as a temporary base. I saw Bravik on board. He looked stronger, experienced. Ready to fight. I hoped he still was not haunted by what happened in those... caves. He walked over and explained, “The others are pushing for the command deck. Follow me.” We ran through the ship, passing the bodies of fallen Eliksni and some other race, which appeared to be fat, wearing blue armor. Their heads were wrinkled, with black eyes. Their faces were covered with some type of black oil. I would later learn that they are called Cabal. As we moved through I began hearing gunfire, and we eventually came to a room where multiple Eliksni and Cabal were battling. After we entered the Fallen pushed forward with a newfound strength as our commander yelled, “Reinforcements have arrived! Let us crush our enemies!” The rest of us echoed a rallying cry and began fighting harder. It was a tough fight and we lost a good amount, however in the end we emerged victorious. We continued on to what we assumed would be the command deck. We entered, and saw a great deal of Cabal, who immediately turned and fired on us. I dodged left to avoid the incoming fire of one, proceeding to run up and electrify it with my Arc blade. It staggered the Cabal, knocking him back and giving me the chance to jump onto it’s back and force its helmet off. Immediately I heard a hiss as black oil sprayed out of it's armor and got on me, and the Cabal fell down, dead. This gave me an idea. “Everyone focus on the helmets! It’s their weakest point!” I exclaimed. They fought with a renewed vigor and purpose, pushing forward. I began hearing the same hissing as from when I removed the helmet. Eventually the gunfire toned down, and the dust settled. I looked around. Once again, the battle had been won, however we were down to about 10 or so men, commander included. I began, “That’s that, then. We should probably-” I was interrupted by a hiss, as I saw a large platform in the center open up, and another rise up to its place, with a large, gilded Cabal on it and some slightly gilded guardsmen. The gilded one yelled something in some language - I think I heard the word… “Sha’arn”? - and then from the doors on each side, a total of 16 Cabal came. This fight would certainly not be easy.

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