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9/8/2019 8:35:51 PM

I wish burning maul got some kind of buff.

Long stuff I know people don't usually want to read, some opinion stuff, some information. [Spoiler]I know that top tree sentinel deserved a buff and I appreciate the one it got, but I wish burning maul got some kind of mention, same with thundercrash. Of the new supers, these are the ones I see the least no contest. But I see some usage of thundercrash in crucible and until I see how much of an impact the super generation nerfs have, I won't be complaining too much, but burning maul is a different story. Positives: The power attack with roaring flames x3 has a lot of staggering power, allowing you to easily stunlock enemies with large health pools. It has a large amount of power as well, with synthoceps and roaring flames x3, it does really good damage. Lingering aoe attack via tornadoes means constantly spawning ads get obliterated. It's duration and number of heavy attacks allows for superior tough ad clear. Negatives: Terrible light attack; multi hit, consumes a ton of energy, terrible tracking, slow moving, terrible in the air. Damage is below average on the titans spectrum without roaring flames x3 and synthoceps, with x3 roaring flames, the damage is above the titans average but not by too much. Power attack entirely limited to the ground, this allows targets in the air or on separate platforms the ability to avoid the projectile and slam with relative ease. Slow, it's running speed is the same as other mobile supers, but it's power attack animation is rather slow on recovery and with no health regen it can be dangerous to use especially with a bunch of enemies firing at you, the damage resistance nerf doesn't help at all and the light attack being so slow also doesn't give it a good movement option. There are other positives and negatives to list but those are less important to the overall effectiveness of the super. The main issue I have with the super isn't the restrictions, but rather that it doesn't really make up for its faults all that well. It's power is potentially the strongest mobile super in the game, but it also has the potential for the lowest mobile super damage among the titans side and some of the lowest in general. I think this large difference creates far too many problems for the super and it really limits the general usage of the super. With synthoceps it's insanely good, but that can be said for any titan super with synthoceps. It's light attack also being as terrible as it is really cripples the potential this super has. The multi hit part is honestly the worst because it means it's damage can vary with something like latency or movement. I understand that the titan is spinning, but it's still terrible.[/spoiler] How I would like them to fix it: Transfer 10% of each roaring flames stack bonus damage to the base super but I would like if this decrease in damage did not change for the grenade and melee of the subclass (Apparently roaring flames grants a 20% damage boost per stack to all solar abilities in pve, I would like if it was still 60% for my grenade and melee, but 30% for my super. In PvP roaring flames is 10% per stack and it's already pretty worthless so I don't think anything needs to be changed there). This way, the supers damage without stacks is much higher, but the general damage ceiling for the super does not change this leads into my next suggestion. Increase burning mauls tornado damage by 30% in pve and in pvp. With a 30% reduction in the damage the tornadoes granted by roaring flames, the damage potential of burning maul would actually go down (a 30% buff in crucible just makes the tick damage go from 18 per tick to 23 per tick which is still lower than pre buff siegebreakers sunspots). By giving them a buff equal to the damage they used to get with roaring flames, the maximum potential damage should be the same (might be messing up my math) when stacked to x3, but the damage with stacks lower than 3 will equate to a higher potential damage (I would like someone to double check this for me, I'm not the most knowledgeable with how additive and multiplicative increases work). The goal of this change is to allow burning maul to have a more balanced level of power with lower stacks, but not change the actual maximum potential damage as it is already incredibly high. And finally, the light attack needs to be fixed. Change it to a single hit per input like they did with crown splitter. Crownsplitter and the menagerie clone used to have the light attack and power attack hit in 2 parts, or to more simply understand this it hit twice. But it's change to make it all 1 hit instead of multiple did not increase the damage, it just made it WAY less annoying to use with latency and moving targets, so it's usability went up dramatically while not actually changing the damage. If they just consider each input 1 hit instead of 3, then it would be much more usable for killing targets in both pve and in PvP, because enemies can be knocked out of its damage and survive when they actually shouldn't have. Imagine if spectral blades light attack was a 2 part attack, one did 100 damage and the other did 120, you would have to pray that it connects both otherwise your opponent would live and with latency and jumpy would be terrible and I can assure you it is for burning maul.

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