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6/3/2019 6:57:53 PM

[PS4] The Dark Knights, A Bungie Featured Clan, Is Recruiting Skilled & Mature Players for Season 7!

[b][u]The Dark Knights Clan is recruiting again for Destiny 2 on PS4![/u][/b] Honored to be one of the original featured Clans for [url=]Bungie's Unite the Clans feature[/url] in the news! Follow link for more details - [url=]#UTC[/url]. [b][i]Recruiting to fill openings available for the Destiny 2 clan! We are very active & currently looking to usher in other active players still playing D2![/i] [u]Please continue to read below for details about us and how to join[/u].[/b] ________________________________ The Dark Knights Clan is a community of mature and friendly gamers that has a long history of competitive and team based gameplay. We are a community of like-minded gamers that holds its teamwork and values seriously. We are the original and founding TDK in Destiny. Not only have we been around since Destiny 1's Beta phase, we have been an established Clan for many years in other games and platforms under the same banner. We formed with one intention and goal in mind; To unite guardians who seek a clan to call home with clanmates who have your back. We are always seeking fellow guardians who take teamwork seriously and who are willing to help other clanmates and need help themselves. We are here to combat what a lot of players experience, a lack of other players who are willing to help without incentive or reward to themselves. TDK does not have very demanding requirements. We expect our members to be active, social, helpful, mature, and respectful. In return, you can expect the same from everyone else here. This will ensure the most amazing experience and will draw you in for hours of entertainment, whether it's PvP, PvE, or both. We have a large community of players that came over from other games to make this a very fun, exciting, and diverse community of competitive and helpful gamers. Not only do we have the majority of our Clan members here in Destiny, but we have TDK as a Clan, Guild, Squad, Network, etc. set up in several other popular multiplayer games. So if you ever want to play something different, chances are you will still have people to make friends with and game with outside of Destiny, too! Majority of our playerbase are veteran members. This means we are not a clan that people frequently leave and join. If we do not work out for some and they leave, we wish them the best. Most of the members that join, though, love it here and have been here with us since Beta and year 1 of Destiny 1. Majority of the people that do leave are either inactive or never do anything with the clan to begin with, so we get rid of them. This isn't a solo clan where you can get free engrams, it's a community of people that enjoy playing together. This tells you we are doing everything right and making it a community by the people, for the people so everyone can have fun and make lasting friendships. __________________________ [b][u]Requirements:[/u][/b] [quote]- [u]Like this post and comment below![/u] it helps our Clan get more recognition and recruit great people. The more recognition we have, adds better chances of getting more quality players to join. If you are seeing this on the app, then "Star" it (same as liking it). -Comment below expressing your interest and keep this thread alive, then follow the detailed steps below in [i]"How Do I Join?"[/i]. - Like mentioned above, be social, helpful, and active. Being friendly with an emphasis on teamwork goes a long way! Must excel or be willing to improve upon your skills in PvP and/or PvE. We accept players of all skill, but must have the drive to improve if you are not that good - we will be happy to help![/quote] ___________________________ [b][u]How Do I Join?[/u][/b] [quote][b][u]1.[/u]-[/b] Our chat application of choice is Discord. There are a few open chats for non-clan members as well as private chats for clan members only. Feel free to join and check us out there to get to know us and start playing with existing clanmates before you commit to joining, if you so wish: [url=]here:[/url]. [b][u]2.[/u]-[/b] If you are seeking the Clan tag (clanmate status), just join the Discord server & private message me there, then send me the answers to these simple questions: [b]*[/b]Why do you think you'd be a good fit for this clan? [b]*[/b]What made you decide to apply for membership with us? [b]*[/b]How would you joining benefit the clan as a whole? [b]*[/b]How old are you, what are your normal play times, & what is your time zone? [u][b]***NOTE: Joining Discord, playing with existing clanmates, & sending the answers to the above questions to me will get you clan access very quickly***[/b][/u]. Those that do not do either will sit in limbo until they actually start being interactive with the group and take initiative to join following the simple directions. [b][u]3.[/u]-[/b] We perform bi-monthly purge events to remove inactive users and make room for more active players. This ensures we have people that are still playing, even during content droughts, and not taking advantage of the clan bonuses in Destiny 2 without contributing to the clan. [b][u]4.[/u]-[/b] [u]Please note[/u]: We have two divisions of TDK. Once Division 1 fills up, you will join Division 2. You can move to Division 1 as soon as spots open up if you wish, but it's unnecessary as both are considered equals, both are near full, and both benefit from the same clan name, tag, and band group access. Both divisions have a lot of members to game with. It's all one large family.[/quote] ____________________________ Contact me on PSN, Discord, or comment below if you have any questions or concerns. [quote]Leadership PSN name(s): [i]AceBro23[/i] [i]CHawk15[/i] [i]Krazieme[/i][/quote] Hope to see you in game soon to dominate the universe of Destiny 2 and ascend to greatness! -Ace ____________________________ [b][u]Honored Alliance[/u]:[/b] We are allied with a phenomenal clan - [u]Guardian Spirit[/u]. If you are looking for a clan that is more geared toward people that are more shy, have anxiety, have depression, or are too nervous to venture into PvP full throttle (they know it can be overwhelming sometimes), they are for you. Some of them also have anxiety that likes to rear its ugly head in certain situations. Especially during Crucible. But they have a fantastic Clan that is there for them and supports their members when that happens. If you want a Clan with a strong support team no matter the activity you want to dive into, these are the people you should be looking into joining. ____________________________ [i]We have members from all over the world and welcome them all the same, but the majority of us are US based for those of you wondering. We have a large player base all over the US, so we are not set in a specific time zone. We have a lot of experienced gamers in this Clan/Guild that have been a part of this community for many years in other games. We are a stable and strong community that leaves its mark wherever it plays.[/i] ____________________________ More testimonials can be seen here: [spoiler]They are below and in our older posts (in the comments / replies there) for anyone interested to see how all the other members feel and how much they love being part of TDK. If you want to view them, here are the links.[/spoiler]

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