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8/26/2019 12:02:31 AM

What I Think We Want

I know this probably has been done multiple times and these thoughts have probably been everywhere. But I feel like I need to say this cause I feel like it just needs to be out there if anyone agrees. There are so many things Destiny 2 could be and so far its on the right track, but I wanna just still make this list before any big changes happen because not too long ago I thought this game was unplayable and as I barely get back in, from Season of the Drifter just, being the worst. I think there are so many things that can be done to make this game greater with exact details and not just broad statements like "fix the meta" My first has to do with classes. In anyone's opinion right now, I think that subclasses and classes in general are so boring. If you see a warlock, you can probably 50/50 guess what they are, or if not its a 1/3 chance that your guess is correct. That shouldn't be the case. I know it cant be that convoluted because of ranked or competitive nature in the game. But it should be. In my opinion something that would make this game way, way better is if it was made so that you could only really understand someones subclass function or the way their abilities are gonna work if you do an in depth look at them as an individual. You should not be able to tell what a titan's entire function is based on their melee. To me, simply adding abilities and way more options even if boring, can add up to something meaningful. Something as simple as 40 abilities that say different things one being for example, "adds 5% chance of getting extra headshot damage" Anything like that could just add some mystery and more personalization to the game. Which leads me to my next want. To me, one of the most exciting things is getting a new armor piece, that could then lead me to looking for the entire set of even changing my current set with new mismatched pieces to create a new look. Right now, thats just, disgustingly difficult. For whats basically been an entire year right now, the same armor set has been available from the Vanguard packages, and that armor set is a reskin from a planetary armorset (Mercury). That to me is so frustrating. To me that seems so lazy and so obnoxious. I do not understand why the same armor sets on planets have been available solely, since launch. This game could have a whole different vibe if they updated and changed armor sets from planets every dlc drop, not even seasonal but just from payed content drops. It'd be a game changer, not this "armor 2.0" garbage. Its devastating that you could have an amazing idea like astronaut themed armor on Titan, and then completely ruin it by making it the only armor set you can get on that location for two and maybe now 3 years and to make matters worse, there more than likely wont be a change in the system but there desperately needs to be. Make the current armor set a reward for finishing the planets missions with the way Season stories work now with New Light. Add new armor sets, add ornaments to current planetary armor sets. Do what you're doing with emblems from Nightfalls where you can change the main logo or something. Do all those, but more importantly, you need new armor sets on the planets and we should not have to pay for content drops that are only gonna be reskins of main armor drops from old content drops. Obviously this is gonna take time, but with your function of being able to see every armor set from the player's menu, there has to be way more armor to keep that mystifying feeling and to balance out the massive world you wanna make. If I can see how to get any armor set from an in-game catalogue, there should be so much armor in that catalogue it takes so long to find which one I want. Another thing I think we want that Ill just keep short is, I dont think or want any exotic quest to be, "do 25 of these things, or be in a fireteam of people that are all doing the same thing and do this menial task" to me its annoying and overly dumb. Stop being lazy with your exotic quest, you put effort into making this gun, but the real effort should be into delivering it and having it earned. Zero Hour is a perfect example of it being done right. Acrius, and even Thorn are examples of it being done wrong. Guns could be so much more than they are right now. When I'm killed by a Luna's howl, of course it tilts me but theres still a bit of respect for that person that was willing to go for that gun. But when I'm killed by a Thorn, I honestly don't know because I have not been killed by a Thorn ever I think. The way the gun was delivered was so obnoxious I believe it completely turns people off the gun. I believe the way you earn the gun and the control you have over what it is (not meaning paying atleast 10$ to change the skin of the gun) has a big impact on how the gun is favored. I can always relate this to Destiny 1, when I wanted a Longbow. The grind for it, the way I was pushed to just continue by seeing friends get it and keeping me wanting it. When I finally got it I felt great, I was able to change it with rerolling and that made that gun so much more special, when I was killed by a longbow I kinda just brushed it off as that guy did it too, that guy has his and I have mine. Where as now if I'm killed by any gun, it just feels like a melee, everyone has it and it doesn't matter. Which leads me to my final point (by the way I know I said I was gonna keep this short but then I kinda want loose, sorry) my last want, is the only one I believe wont be too popular, is I believe that there should be less of the same guns out there. I believe that the shader of a gun should only be able to be changed once when its fully masterworked. Along with that, there should be some showing of the shader on the gun picture, maybe even on the corner of the little picture with the gun to differentiate everyone's guns. Changing a guns shader should be more than it is right now, an event that can only be done once and that has meaning, because its you choosing your gun and making it yours even more.

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