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8/20/2019 1:16:51 AM

Tales of a Mars Sentry // Holding Over for an Explosion

Masterpost: Kale-8, Zahir-2, and Heather silently snuck into a parked Fallen ketch. It stood calm in the Russian snow, shrouded by the night. An explosion rocked the silence. A pair of Fallen caches burst into shrapnel, sending a squad of vandals into the air. “Listen, Kale.” Zahir stood in front of the hunter, towering over him. “If we mess this up, the Vanguard will be unhappy, and we won’t get paid. We kill this captain without damaging the rest of the caches, and that’s final.” “Yeah, whatever.” Kale-8 snorted and pulled himself away from the titan. “Don’t you care about how this mission turns out? We have lives. We need to support ourselves.” “Not really, man. I just live in my ship” The hunter inspected his auto rifle before leaping into the rusty, creaky Fallen door in front of him as it groaned open. The sound of arc rounds being fired by the masses echoed within the lair. “Heather, we have to talk some sense into him. He’s going to get himself killed some day. By a Fallen, or Zavala himself.” Zahir turned to the warlock with tiredness in his voice. “I know what you mean, but Kale's only in this to hunt down Tivik. He lives by his own rules. Besides, now we have no choice but to keep going.” She sighed and trudged forward. The ringing of a hand cannon was added to the concert of gunfire behind the door. Zahir followed, grumbling, and immediately made his way toward a cluster of Fallen caches under the bridge where most of the fighting was taking place. He sent Crucius out to begin transmat and stood to defend his ghost. “Zahir! Little help here?” Kale grunted from above. His pleads were met with the roar of a captain. As Zahir began climbing up the bridge, he saw a vandal scramble for Crucius below him. “It’ll have to wait.” He called out, dropping down onto the Fallen and crushing its head with a punch aided by gravity. He drew his shotgun as several more approached him from all sides. “Zahir!” Kale groaned as the captain pinning him to the wall drew its shock blades. He drew his knife and drove it into the captain’s arm, but it did not budge. He looked around for any escape. Explosives. Loose ceiling panels. Anything. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a cluster of Fallen caches being transported away, with Zahir on top of them. “Damn it, titan.” Kale’s vision suddenly went dark as the captain’s weapon was driven into his side. He felt it scramble up his metal innards and weaken him severely. The Eliksni laughed in delight at his grunts of pain, before it was knocked over by the blast of a sniper rifle. It snarled at Heather as the right horn of its helmet broke off. “I’ll deal with this.” Heather drew her hand cannon and began firing at the captain, who warped away to dodge. “I had it!” Kale pulled himself to his feet with the support of the wall as his ghost healed his wound. “We all know you didn’t.” Heather hurled a solar grenade at the captain’s destination, and it screeched in pain as it was seared to death. It fell against the metal catwalk they fought on, throwing ash into the air. Meanwhile, below the platform, Zahir blasted the last vandal approaching him as Crucius finished transmatting the caches. “Well… that was pretty quick, I’d say. Thanks to me. Can you imagine how long we’d be sitting out there if you were still planning?” Kale held his arm out toward Zahir, who was clambering up the bridge. “Don’t start with me again.” Zahir pointed back. “We-“ He was quickly eliminated by a well aimed wire rifle shot. His heavily armored body hit the floor just as hard as the captain had. “What the-“ Kale leapt for cover in a small, windowed control room sticking out of the wall at the end of the bridge as he looked in the direction of the shot. When all he saw was a dark. gaping hallway, he ducked back. Heather joined him soon after, with Zahir’s ghost in her hands. Behind her helmet, she shot the hunter a glare. “It’s going to take Crucius a while to bring Zahir back. Let’s hunker down for now.” She said, as footsteps began to sound from beyond. “Hell no. I’m gonna meet that thing in the middle.” Kale drummed his fingers along his knee, and they flared with solar light. He nodded. “Cover me, H, I’m goin’ out.” “Hey.” Heather grabbed Kale by his cloak before he could step out. A wire rifle shot flew over his now lowered head. “We’re staying here until Zahir gets back. Got it?” Her voice carried authority and struck a tiny ounce of fear into the hunter. “Tch. Fine.” Kale slumped back down and picked at his knife. “You’re welcome.” He said nothing. As Zahir reappeared with them, Heather fiddled with her hand cannon. “Can you get us one of those caches, Zahir? I’m sure the Vanguard won’t mind if we lose just one.” She asked, swapping her gun’s cylinder for a new one. “Explosive rounds. Get the cache as close to those footsteps as you can. When we stun that Fallen, then, Kale, you can gun him down.” “Sounds like a plan.” Zahir pulled his ghost out. “...Sure.” Kale continued to drum his fingers on his leg. The flames on his fingers only grew brighter. Zahir stepped out of cover and bolted for their assailant: an archon sized captain wielding a wire rifle. It did not notice the titan flanking its right, as Heather had stepped out onto the bridge to rain fire with a machine gun. The captain staggered slightly, but was able to teleport to the side at the last second, clear of the freshly placed explosives. “That’s not good!” Kale summoned his golden gun, filling the room with billowing orange light. “Hold on! We need all three shots!” Zahir stumbled forward and leapt at the captain with all his might, wreathed in arc energy. His fist of havoc shattered the towering foe’s shield and sent it into a daze. “Now!” Heather yelled, and the captain was annihilated by three quick streaks of burning solar light. It faded from bright embers into nothingness, and the hall fell into silence. Kale dropped his arm. His chest began to fill with excitement, which he forced down after seeing his fireteam regroup. “Well, titan, you got your dumb caches, and you got to boss people around, warlock. I’m off. Give me as little glimmer as you like.” He hopped off the platform and walked off. “Well, we did it.” Zahir sighed as he transmatted the cache away. He looked back at Heather. “You had a really solid plan back there. It didn’t work out exactly as you thought, but it was good. Maybe you should be fireteam leader?” “Maybe. I’m not used to leading. I’m pretty new to Vanguard work as well.” “You are?” “I mostly compete in the Crucible.” “I see. Well, I’d be fine with listening to your orders. Give it a consideration.” “Sure.”

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