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[Fanfic] Spark of Glory Chapter 5: Against the Hive

[b][i]Hey guys! I got back from Pakistan recently, so here’s SoG Part 5! Also, school starts soon so stories will be limited, but I’ll keep working! Also, a message to ANYONE WHO HATES FANFICTION IN THE LORE SECTION. Don't downvote or comment "Thanks for making yourself know muted for degenerate fanfiction" just because people post it there. Simply mute them and you never have to see their posts again. It's easy as that. No need to hate it if you don't see it. Table of Contents (Also leads to Master Post): [/i][/b] The Hive immediately noticed us and began attacking just as we did. Since we had the advantage of surprise, we managed to take 15 or so out with about 5 casualties. The Wizards in the ritual tried to speed it up, as I could hear them begin to chant much faster, and the others began protecting it. We took out nearly all of the Thrall, some of the Acolytes, and one of the Knights. But we had now lost around 15 men. As we cleared out the Thrall, one of the Knights recognized me as the leader of us Eliksni. He ran towards me with his sword. I pulled out my Arc sword and we dueled - exchanging blows, me using a flurry of attacks, and the Knight using brute force and his sword to push me back. Eventually, I slipped on some bone and he used that to his advantage, knocking me back far. I hit the wall and heard my arm break. I couldn't stand up, the blow had knocked all the energy out of me. I closed my eyes. [i]Is this it? Will I die just like one of the others?[/i] I heard it approaching. I heard it’s sword being raised… I braced… Then I felt something. Not blood, not the sword, not pain, but… [i]dust[/i]? Opening my eyes, I saw a blade through the Knight, who had begun to turn into dust. “You aren't dying on us yet, Koriks.” It was Rajiks. I heard the sounds of battle begin to diminish. He injected a needle into me, then my energy returned. I stood up, using Rajiks as a support. Looking around, I saw that we had won. There were about 10 of us left. “Another victory well done,” I said. “But that portal is still open. That’s strange...” I walked over to it. But then I heard a massive roar. [i]The ritual was successful![/i] I thought. “Everyone, prepare yourselves!” I yelled hoarsely. Suddenly, the room shook as a large grey creature with a head covered in some type of bubbles appeared. This I would later identify as an Ogre. As soon as it saw us, it began firing a purple beam. We fired at it but it was too strong, we didn't damage it very much. I could have charged it with my sword, but that would just result in failure as it could knock me back. Besides, if our weapons didn’t do much damage, than what could? That’s when an idea hit me. [i]Sword. Use their weapons against them! That’s it![/i] “Rajiks, grab one of the swords! The ones the armored creatures carried! It may sound crazy, but trust me!” He nodded and got one. I pointed to the Ogre, and he ran up to it swiftly and attacked with the sword in combos. It roared in pain - my plan was working. “NOW! ATTACK!” Rajiks said. Everyone fired, and Ogre tried to retreat back to the portal, but it was too late. It fell to the ground and disintegrated as the portal closed. We cheered. “Now let's get the heck out of here!” I said. We went retreated out of the caves and went to the landing zone. The other groups had already been recalled, so once we returned, we were ready for takeoff. Rajiks helped me to the infirmary where they began healing my arm and gave me a cast. Retiring to my quarters, I looked out into space until we warped. I wondered what systems would await us next. It was hard to believe that we went from a once-great civilization to scavengers in the matter of a few days. So many questions… Why? Who attacked us? What happened to our home? What is the fate of the Eliksni? All questions which I would find the answer to soon. But for now, I was tired of all of this. I didn’t want to constantly experience these system jumps, only to find non-habitable systems. So I decided what I was going to do. Getting up, I went to the deck to find Draksis. Luckily, he was there, and he turned to me. “Ah, hello, Koriks. Did you need something?” he questioned. “Actually, yes. I’m going into cryostasis - I need a break from all of this,” I explained. Draksis looked surprised and said, “Koriks… You know that you’re one of our greatest leaders. Are you sure about this?” “I am. Rajiks can take my place - he will lead well. Besides, I am tired of all this battle. I do not wish to have a constant cycle where we find a system only to see that it is uninhabitable.” I suggested. Draksis thought for a moment, then replied, “Very well. We’ll wake you up should something happen that requires your leadership. Or… if we find a suitable planet.” With that, I went to the cryobay of the Ketch and entered a pod, setting a time to be released. The pod closed, and I drifted off to sleep.

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