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7/30/2019 3:49:51 AM

Tales of a Mars Sentry // A Runaway's Logs

Masterpost: Log 1 I came to Clovis Bray and became an exo, because I believed in their ingenuity and desire to advance humanity. I was naïve. They have destroyed my trust. I’ve been given a task. To escort an important figure to the Ishtar Sink on Venus. This same man runs heinous operations all throughout the Solar System, making his life easier at the expense of others. I can’t stand for a company that would support him. That’s why I’ve decided to expose Bray. I’ll take my briefing and show it to the world. If I can escape Mars, I’ll find a terminal that isn’t run by their network, and I’ll spread the truth. I’m not insane. I have an ally. My technician, sometimes nurse, Ellie, is helping me secure transit to Earth. She believes in me, and wants to help. If I didn’t have the support of a Bray employee, I’d not be doing this. This is the truth. It is undeniable. Clovis Bray does anything to get what they need, and I don’t believe in that. Something needs to be said about it. Good luck, Zahir-2. Zahir-1 out. Log 2 After carrying out his mission and being reset, Zahir-2 recovered his recording from Ellie, and, with her help, escaped from Clovis Bray. He was to travel along the railways of the Hellas Basin and secure civilian transport to Earth under an alias. As Ellie went about her usual business, minus Zahir’s daily checkup, she was approached by a superior. “Ellie, Zahir-2 has escaped. I need to know if he came here for his tests today.” “He didn’t sir, and I’ve heard about that.” “Ellie, I want a clear answer. Why is Zahir-2 unaccounted for?” “I don’t know, sir.” The officer slammed his palm on the woman’s desk, adding to the cacophony of their voices. “Listen to me, Ellie. If you know anything about this, there'll be consequences. But if you come back with him captured, we can forget about it. Do you understand me?” His tone hinted that he knew she was closer to him than her other patients. She began to panic. “By all means, sir, I’m a technician. He could be dangerous-“ “Ellie, he trusts you. I have no doubt in my mind you’ll be safe and bring him back.” She clutched at her chest. Panic began to rise through her body. “Ellie, you are one of our brightest. Remember this: I believe in your commitment to our cause. Will you do this for us?” His eyes carried a glare that demanded a response he would be satisfied with. “Yes, sir.” Log 3 “Ellie? What are you doing?” Zahir put a hand over his eyes to shield them from the beam of light extending from her weapon. The light shook as Ellie trembled in her uniform. “I’m coming with you. I had no choice. They made me go after you. They must have found out that I helped you somehow. I… I can’t do anything else. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” “Don’t worry about it, Ellie.” He waved her down into his hiding spot. “However,” he stood up in front of her. “You can capture me and go back to doing your job. I won’t hold it against you, because I won’t be able to. It seems I pulled you into this, after all.” She shook her head. “No, I’ll go with you. It’s-“ “Listen, Ellie.” He put a hand on her wrist and drew the gun up. “It was your choice to help me, now it’s your choice again. Will you help me, and potentially get yourself killed, or will you go back to Bray and live your dreams out?” “I’ve decided already. I’m not going back to Bray.” She shoved the gun to the exo, sealing their fate. Log 4 “Zahir!” Ellie yelled, watching as the exo stumbled over, his leg riddled with bullet holes. “I’m fine, Ellie, it’s over.” Zahir’s rifle was still smoking from the barrel. A Bray employee lay dead in front of him. Their blood mixed cleanly into the red sand of Mars. “I just wish it didn’t have to come to this.” She averted her eyes. “Me neither.” Zahir dropped the gun and fell to his arms. “Ellie, I’m getting weaker by the day.” An exposed circuit in his torso sparked blue. “No. No, Zahir, you’ll be fine.” She opened a toolbag and began to examine the exo’s bullet wounds. “There’s nothing that can be done with those tools.” He clutched his head, where an eye should have been. He sighed and turned to his companion. “Do you have a paper and pen?” “Uh, yeah. Why?” She asked, producing the two items from her bag. He returned a folded note to her. “My parents own a restaurant in Northern Manhattan. They’ll understand if you explain everything to them.” His voice was calm. “Bray won’t care to record my death anywhere. You can run and lie low. They’re generous, and will offer you a place to live and work.” “No… this is what you were supposed to do!” She wrapped her arms around the exo. “You can’t do this to me!” “Ellie, I’m finished. You made a choice when you decided to come with me, and it ended up being the wrong one. I’m giving you another chance at life, as it’s all I can do for you now.” “I’ll make another choice, then.” She stood up and took the rifle in her arms. “I’ll stay with you until the end.” Log 5 Thus ended the lives of Ellie and Zahir-2. They had managed to escape Bray, but in their weakened state, they were eventually stopped by the elements. Zahir-2 perished in a cave in the Hellas Basin along with Ellie. Over time, the shifting geography and eventual freezing of the area by the Warmind separated their resting places, only to be united by fate centuries later. - We respect the tenacity of the traitor, Zahir-2. When approaching his parents, do your best to betray your emotions. He was a defector to us, but to them, he was a hard loss to you, them, and the company. According to our investigations, Zahir-2 and Ellie Fidi were killed by a combination of low supplies and harsh dust storms while escaping, along with bullet wounds received by pursuers. Inform them that he and his technician were killed in a harsh cave-in during a field test, and express your deep regret in their untimely demise. Inform them that his exo body was unable to be recovered. Ellie Fidi has no relatives to speak of. She does not exist. Erase every trace of this file once the parents have been informed.

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