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(Fanfic) Audio Log #4 “Fateful Encounter”

// PREVIOUS LOGS DETECTED // CREATING LINK TO [url=]AUDIO LOG 1[/url] // RECORDING BEGINS... SAHVOZ-88: “Ok, here we go. So, long story short, I’ve crash landed into a huge Dark Zone in the Tangled Shore. That means if I die then I’m dead, game over, no more rezzing. This place has been messing with me since I arrived....been hearing things I ain’t heard before, Vetra can’t match any audio to any already discovered creatures, which is......[i]comforting[/i]. I’ve been scavenging abandoned Fallen camps for parts to repair my ship, but all this Awoken tech on my ship is annoyingly complicated, it will probably be some time before I get out of here. Now, let’s get to recent events, I managed to repair my D.S.U. using parts I found. I get that Exo’s can sleep normally but it’s easier for me with this thing. Now, I already know that most Guardians won’t know what a D.S.U. is, so I’ll tell ya. It stands for ‘Dream Simulation Unit’. I had Ana Bray build me it because of my trouble sleeping. It pretty much just instantly sends me to sleep, or at least, a simulation of what I would dream of. So, I had a strange dream that I was in someone else’s body, but still in these caverns. I managed to find my way to my camp, but I saw myself, plugged into the D.S.U. I walked over to myself and tried to touch my sleeping body which, now that I’m saying it out loud it sounds a lot weirder that it was. Then, I woke up to see another Exo standing over me with their hand out towards me. Naturally, I was a little startled.” // USER DETECTED: ‘VETRA’ VETRA: “A little? Have you forgot the part where you turned invisible and hid in the corner for ten minutes?” SAHVOZ-88: “Look, let’s not talk about what may or may not have happened, you just get back to scanning this guy.” VETRA: “Aye aye, [i]sir[/i].” SAHVOZ-88: “So, after looking closer, I realised that it was just a inactive frame. The eyes were dark, there was no lights on and he was completely motionless. I’ve got Vetra scanning him to see what his deal is.” VETRA: “Uh...Voz?” SAHVOZ-88: “You find something?” VETRA: “I’m picking up Light inside it.” SAHVOZ-88: “So he’s a Guardian?” VETRA: “’s your Light!” SAHVOZ-88: “What?! That’s not right.....give me a full display of this things system diagnostics. Most systems are operational.....memory banks aren’t showing signs of corruption.....but the core is deactivated? Vetra, boot up this thing’s core.” VETRA: “you sure about this? I don’t want to know why it’s got your Light signature in it.” SAHVOZ-88: “We won’t find out much about it If it’s turned off.” VETRA: “fine, here goes.” // THIRD USER DETECTED // UNABLE TO IDENTIFY USER ???: “[i][b]AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH! IT BURNS! IT BURNS! MAKE IT STOP! I HEAR IT BURROWING INTO MY MIND![/b][/i]” SAHVOZ-88: “DEACTIVATE IT!!!” ???: “[i][b]MAKE IT STOOOOOoooo.....”[/b][/i] VETRA: “well that was....disturbing. Wait, where are you going with that thing?!” SAHVOZ-88: “I’m loading it into the cargo bay, maybe Ana can tell us about it. After all, no one knows more about Exo’s than the Brays.” VETRA: “I am [i]not[/i] getting on board with that thing!” SAHVOZ-88: “We’re not getting on board at all until the ship is fixed. Now, scan for more Fallen camps.” VETRA: “I’m picking up a lot of Fallen tech, but it’s deeper into these tunnels than we’ve ever been. What do we do?” SAHVOZ-88: “we go down.” // RECORDING ENDS... // FUTURE LOG DETECTED // CREATING LINK TO [url=]AUDIO LOG 5[/url]

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