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1060 Max Q Frame rates crash to 30FPS; nearly unplayable.

The Fix; So, while one troubleshooting guide descried disabling full-screen optimizations on the destiny 2 application file in the installation folder, another I found also said to do the same for the launcher application. Insto-presto after about an hour of game play in the below mentioned "guaranteed to cause a problem" areas; no frame rate issues. Specs; My laptop; Razer Blade 2018 1060 Max Q, 8750H, WD Black NVME drive.Network; 1650X Killer/ problem also occurred on an Intel 9260 Windows 1903 Nvidia 430.86 The blade has a 144hz refresh rate screen so, that is what I'm running it at. running on 'max performance mode within the razer blade app and windows settings also confirmed with clan mates with the following; Dell G3 17" and 15" also with 8750H's and 1060 Max Q GPUs, they use 60hz screens and are also running 1903, not sure of their wifi cards. Frame rates for no apparent reason drop to the low 30fps with no determinable pattern for approximately 2 seconds and then return to 'normal which can be between 70-110FPS depending on overall settings. The 'crashing seems to be worst on Mercury and in the crucible where it is constantly swinging between 100fps and 30. It seems like if I pan to the long draw distance spots of the map is what causes it. ie if I am facing at a wall it's fine. with all detail draw distances set to low there is no change in the problem. using GPU-Z and XTU I've verified that my parts are not throttling, both run at consistent clock speeds and around 80 degrees. I have at least two other people also with Max Q GPU's confirm they have the exact same problem; on any setting occasionally frame rates just 'swing' down to 30FPS for 1-2 seconds causing severe lag. troubleshooting steps I've taken; Changed every available quality feature within D2 without any affect. enabled/disabled Vsync at every available sync option/ 48/72/144hz enabled frame rate cap , capped at anything other than 30FPS causes the problem. deleted cvars file disabled game bar disabled full-screen optimizations on the D2 Application file in the installation folder disabled 'game mode' Nvidia driver is set to prefer maximum performance but I also tried the various other settings without any change. disabled geforce experience game optimizations. This frame rate issue makes the game unplayable for me, no other title I play on this laptop has this problem
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