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7/13/2019 2:18:57 PM

Possible Menagerie Middle-Grounds?

First off I want to say Bungie, that I understand just how game-breaking the previous iteration for the menagerie was. The biggest offender IMO wasn't the ability to re instance for more openings, but within the chalice itself. The perk to refund one rune would work with every chest opening was a source of infinite legendary shards and masterwork cores (with lucky dismantles) while also having impact throughout the rest of the economy via spider. That being said through viewing content on other social media sources I've come up with my own idea as well as seen other, what I view as acceptable options of varying complexity that could allow us to continue our merry loot farm, thereby increasing player engagement in the activity without utterly destroying the economy. The simplest would be to just reduce the timer by X amount. It would reduce the number of times one could run out and return to the chest after spending precious seconds slotting the rune. The biggest drawback to this is it does nothing to address the infinite materials other than to just slightly lessen its impact. Another would be to have multiple chests at the end with bonus rewards based on challenges or objectives (i.e flawless encounters) that we would have to slot individual rune sets for within the chalice. you could even go so far as to having a bigger final chest in addition to these with more loot or a higher chance at,say, curated or even just good rolls, that would open IF all the other chests were opened with three runes respectively. This would give you more player engagement in all activities that generate runes to keep players interested in obtaining them. This is probably the most complex of them. My own thought was just to alter the perk that i think is the real end game boss of this issue. Instead of guaranteeing one refunded rune no matter the amount slotted, give it one guaranteed refund with two or more and a chance for a second rune refunded at all three runes slotted in the chalice when opening the menagerie chest. you could potentially even combine these or other options with way more work into a sort of compromise that leaves nobody entirely happy, but also not entirely ticked off with the state of things. Thank you for reading my rant everyone! I look forward to the feedback. p.s Lets keep it constructive please! I really want to see what we can do as a player base to make this issue better

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