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7/11/2019 9:23:23 AM

It would be nice to hear if bungie is making any progress on thundercrash and what they plan to do or not do to it (rant).

It's weird to think that in around 2 months, forsaken will have been out for a year. In this time we have seen a bunch of incredibly useful changes and general touch ups to subclasses and specific skill trees that under perform. One of the most notorious is easily bubble, as it's utility is so limited most only use it essentially as a last resort among last resorts, useful for a single encounter on crown of sorrows...but generally not needed. It was nice to hear that bungie had heard the feedback of my fellow titans and other players who have used it and the sheer thought of anything coming for it was more than enough to make people happy. Thundercrash was deserving enough to be considered and I had to say I was happy when I read that...only nothing has happened since. It's not an understatement to say most people's opinions on it vary too much and a lot of the community can't really come to an agreement on what to do with it or if anything should be done at all. I've always been one to think it's underwhelming and I find it to be less due to fun factor and more to general use. Most people who tell you it's good say it charges fast or the melee, with an exotic, wipes out enemies incredibly effectively and efficiently and although that's not wrong...there are still other means that are just as effective while being more versatile at the same time. Without your charged melee, you have no neutral game. Your super doesn't charge faster, you don't get buffs of any kind that are consistently reliable to use, and it's functionality is so unbelievably limited because of that. To put it into perspective, I'm going to use chaos reach (sorry warlocks). You get a kill in pve, enemy drops an ionic trace. Ionic trace gives energy to EVERY ability you have. Rift, grenade, melee, and even super, all for doing nothing more than continuing to do what you normally do. It might not be a lot, but some is still better than none. It having a good neutral game like that is fine...but it's also packed with one of THE strongest supers in the game when paired with an exotic for damage. It can be canceled to save around 20% of your super, and with geomags it tops off around the last 15%, meaning you pretty much can always have a consistent 35%+ reduction on your super cool down, while boasting significant power, a good neutral game, and something that can be stacked with mods to be even more ridiculous, not to mention the supers incredible ad clear power due to it. Thundercrash is weak, has virtually no neutral game, and has no ability regen or health regen to sustain it. A lot of its playstyle is essentially suicidal with how useless it is unless you stack an exotic on it that basically turns it from complete garbage into an overall ok and usable skill tree. But without skullfort...thundercrash is a hot mess of basically random perks. It's not that it can't be good currently, it's just that it's far too...dangerous for the meager reward it gets. It doesn't matter that it CAN charge a super faster than anything else can, it still severely lacks anything else that could be seen as valuable and its become more and more evident in pve that it's faster recharge doesn't matter because it just doesn't make up for what it lacks. I can literally just wear doomfang pauldrons on my bannershield sentinel and float around with an insanely useful neutral game as well as a super that charges insanely quickly AND wipes adds easily. Unlike thundercrash that relies on an exotic to be usable, doomfang allows for sentinel to do what thundercrash does...only far far better in how generally useful it can be. It's design leaves a lot of room for thundercrash to be useful in its own way and I hope bungie does SOMETHING to remedy this at some point because it's becoming stale to use something that feels so bad while everything else continues to get better. And with bad juju...cooldowns become a joke for all classes. My friend got 5 chaos reaches in a single rumble match because of the ionic traces, geomags, and bad juju. A 25 kill game, 5 supers. He had super mods on, but that just goes to show how stupid it can be when you combine all of these useful tools. Tools that thundercrash doesn't have but others can use and prosper significantly more with.

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