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The kind of post you don't want to see: how to nerf high impact fusions and bottom tree striker.

High impact fusions are a hot weapon type right now and I see a bunch of people who are stating they very clearly don't like it, well look no further because I've got a solution for you. Same for bottom tree striker, because I know people don't like it. To be perfectly clear, I don't dislike these 2 specific things myself besides thinking they are annoying, but otherwise I don't really mind (especially when a few big down sides come into play). So for high impact fusions, I want to knock them down a peg without crippling them in the future. I see a lot of people have issues with the general range the weapon has and them nerfing that people feel will get the job done so that they aren't as easily mapping people...well not quite. It's the damage. High impact fusions shoot 6 bolts and only need 4 to kill most medium resilience guardians (literally 6 and below, which is way too high to be getting 4 bolted), as each bolt does roughly 46-49 damage depending on the coils. But something to note is that with accelerated coils and the damage dropping just enough to require 5 bolts (because 46 damage) is actually quite nice and where we will work around. I think a decrease to around 42-45 per bolt will cut down their ability to map players, as damage due to fall off has a much bigger effect as well as requiring 5 bolts to kill no matter what resilience you are. Precision frame fusions deal slightly less damage, but they can't map nearly as easily and for only slightly less charge time. This change would hopefully reduce their potency at longer ranges, without breaking their current power too much. It's like what they did with telesto. It's still a good gun, it's just not as stupidly obnoxious. Some numbers can be tweaked further if need be. With fall off they would still be more desirable at longer ranges than precision frames, but they will still have a long charge time to work with. Next is bottom tree striker. A super that used to be the worst thing in game for pretty much everything, became a tool of destruction in comp and more or less meh in pve. I think the super regen more than anything is the biggest problem with this particular tree in crucible so I think it should be tweaked to grant less super energy. I don't remember what the percent was that is gave back, all's I remember is that it was around 10% and it could diminish to basically nothing on kill. I think reducing it to around 7% in PvP will reduce its ability to over extend past it's duration, as it's already stacked with health regen and very little energy cost on light attack and with diminishing returns in place, it will have much less general duration to work with compared to now. In pve, I think they need to increase the super energy granted and extend the amount it takes to give diminishing returns from 15 kills to 20. It's current limitations in pve honestly makes it less valuable in more specific activities where fast ad wipe is important and its one of the reasons I'm kind of unsure how they should tweak it as bigger changes like an increase in light attack cost, faster diminishing returns, reducing health regen, etc, will all hurt it in bad ways for pve. I think super energy granted in pve and PvP can be tweaked, as shown by gwisin vest...but I'm not sure. If so, work with that and go on from there. Bottom tree striker is a tricky one to work with, so hopefully nothing too bad happens to it...not that I even want it, but things happen.

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