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7/3/2019 11:00:24 AM

Lumina's Noble Rounds buff needs to stack with other buffs for it to find use in PvE activities.

I'm satisfied with the performance of Lumina.


I think Lumina needs changes made to it.


Lumina dropped earlier today/yesterday, which brought us one of the first, more RPG themed, support guns. When Lumina kills a unite, the unite killed drops a remnant. When this remnant is picked up, it gives the Lumina user 1 stack of "Noble Rounds" (stacks up to 5), which they then can use to heal and buff their allies. At first sight, the number of 5 stacks is perfect, since the buff always also applies to the Lumina user, when it is used to buff an ally and the 5 Noble Rounds available can buff an entire raid team. Which brings us to the main issue: During, most, if not all, encounters available, in which the Noble Rounds damage buff would shine, it not capable of doing so since the damage buff does [b]not[/b] stack with the buff provided by Empowering Rifts / Well of Radiance. The heal is pretty much neglectable since most bosses in their DPS phase don't really fight back and even in those cases, Rifts and Well already provide the entire fireteam with the protection needed, while outside of boss encounters, the need for constant access to healing tools is not really a need we have encountered so far. The damage buff portion doesn't stack with Empowering Rift / Well of radiance, so in boss encounters the weapon falls flat while outside boss encounters, the need for constant access to damage buffing tools is not really a need we have encountered so far and the "rare" cases in which we do, are usually already dealt with class abilities like Rift and Rally Barricade. If the weapon is to find any use in PvE activities, it either needs to bring something to the table that no other buff is providing or simply add onto the buffs that already can be provided, because otherwise, there is simply no justification to occupy an exotic weapon slot with a gun that only finds usage in the most niche of scenarios, since all it does provide is some semi-decent quality of life aspects to the fireteam it is used in. With that being said, I understand that it is the first of its kind, being a support gun, so it will probably need some fine tuning here and there and it is pretty decent in PvE, not absolutely awesome or even broken, but pretty decent. But I'm just a single person with a single opinion, what do you guys think of Lumina so far, does it cover its niche good enough to justify the exotic slot? Does it do its job well enough as is or do you think it needs buffs/changes made to it?

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