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6/29/2019 6:27:14 PM

Menagerie Chest

Definitely preaching to the choir here, but for the amount of time and effort that menagerie takes it needs to have more than 1 reward at the end. It would have been fine if it was 1 reward from the start, but now that we've experienced the multiple rewards it feels like it's being taken from us. Let's say ya order a cheese pizza and you're given a meatlovers and it's amazing so ya keep ordering the meatlovers cause that's what you expect and it's delicious, and then one day when you order the meatlovers it comes back as cheese pizza. Nothing's wrong with the cheese pizza, it's still good, but ya really would prefer the meatlovers since that's what ya expect. It's the same with menagerie, it's not gonna be worth the grind since what we've come to expect is several rewards rather than one. This isn't even mentioning the obvious other point which is there's the triumph for the seal to craft 200 items from the menagerie - as it is right now it's not that bad, but once we're only able to craft 1 item at a time (and let's say you do a complete menagerie in 10 minutes which is quick) that's over 33 hours of menagerie (let alone the time needed to collect runes and all that jazz) for a sparrow and one triumph...that's just a slap in the face for player time and commitment. So rather than fix the bug and make the same mistake Anthem did, I would suggest something similar to what I've seen from other posts: - Have 3 chests spawn once the menagerie is completed (1 powerful and 2 regular) and place the powerful chest right at the end of the boss encounter where it always has been, but place the 2 other chests somewhere else within the menagerie similar to how Werner's bounty chests are hidden This way we have multiple chances at good loot for completing a run, we have incentive to run it again since the drops aren't all powerful, and it's something that can bring the community together similar to finding out where Xur was like "where are the secret menagerie chests this week?". This is obviously just one suggestion and I'm sure Bungie knows our feelings about it so I'm sure there will be some middle ground that they've already thought of, but anyways those are my thoughts I appreciate your time, peace.

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