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The TWAB/Patch Destiny deserves!

(Edit: guys this list is not exhaustive, not definitive, barely of box of ideas. The aggregate of hours of discussions with friends. There is more to come from raiders and pvp addicts. Feel free to add up or contradict). Patrols: - Enemies will now spawn in larger quantities across the solar system, and new spawns have been added on deserted planets. - Objectives have now been added when enemies are moving against each other’s (control zones, repel enemy, disable portals...). Pushing enemies back will reward an emblem “we live free” and a piece of gear or weapon exclusive to the enemies at war. Players running public events with all gear equipped will have a chance at earning the new exotic Lafayette. - NPCs will now offer weekly roll for armor and weapons. Each gear or weapon can be obtained using planetary tokens. Additional weekly bounty completions from the planetary NPC will grant players with the ability to choose one perk. Enhanced perks on gear cannot be selected but can drop on any piece of gear from any destination. - Every planet NPC will offer local matchmaking option. Players responding to calls will receive extra rewards for every activity completed. Helping 50 players will grant the emblem “light in the shadows”. Strikes: - The strike playlist is now random. Players will no longer be given the same strikes twice within 3 games. Streak will increase drop chance for strike specific drops. - Players can now enjoy optional non-matchmaking, strike specific drops are disabled, bounties can be completed. Players can still use traditional matchmaking to earn the strike specific loots. - Players who use the traditional matchmaking will see their abilities enhanced for “moving as a pack”. Inactive players or those who stay too far from the pack or front lines for too long will be kicked to orbit. In practice, any player heading to a lost sector, or staying in the public areas or the likes will be kicked to orbit. - We added one piece of strike specific weapon and gear for every strike. - High scores will improve strike specific drop quality. - Players who run strikes with only strike specific weapons and gear equipped will have a chance at earning the strike playlist exclusive exotic once they’re on a 5 streak. Nightfalls: - Guided nightfalls matchmaking is now efficient. Players can look for guides for both types of nightfalls. - The weekly nightfall will now have fixed modifiers. Optional matchmaking has been added. - Burn multipliers have been increased. - Enemy and boss HP have been increased significantly. - Modifiers will remain active for the 100k nightfall and high scoring. Matchmaking is disabled. - Players will loot a strike specific loot on completion of the weekly 100k nightfall. - Players will have to complete the normal version of the nightfall strike before they can access the 100k one. - High scores will improve drop quality. Forges: - Forges are now accessible from the directory after the player opened access to each of them. - Players do not need to return to ada-1 anymore to collect radiant frames. - The forges will now not launch without at least 2 players on the map. - Players are being sent back to orbit after completion of a forge. - We increased the chances of drop of the Jotuun in Bergusia to 20% for every player that has completed every forge and framed every type of weapon. Reckoning: - Timer will now stop when less than 3 players are in game. Timer will restart as soon as more players have been added. - Tier 2 and 3 are now also accessible by completing vanguard bounties available at Zavala. Gambit and prime: - Increased minimum delay between invasions. - Runes drop rate has been doubled for every gambit game. Raids: - Guided raids matchmaking is now efficient. Guided and guides will quickly be put into chat. Both parties will then sign a commitment before they can launch the activity. - Guided raids completions will grant guides an extra powerful drop for every raid section they are guiding randoms throughout successfully. - Players who have successfully guided randoms throughout an entire raid will receive 1 “True Hero” token and emblem. 4 tokens of a specific raid will grant players with the ability to choose a loot of that raid. Rolls will remain randoms. Raid exotics can be selected for 10 tokens. Guided players will not earn any True Hero token. Players who have earned the True Hero emblem from every raid will receive the “Living Legend” emblem, which players need to collect the Gally (or 1000voices or the likes) frame from Ada. PvP: - We’re adding 1 brand new map every 2 months and a brand new game mode every 6 months. - We added new crucible story missions and challenges to crucible quests. Await Shaxx call. - Competitive games will now launch only if all players are in game. - Players who quit a competitive matchmaking or game will now receive a penalty equal to 2 losses for the completion of any related bounty, quest, or rank progress. Players who consecutively quit games will receive a temporary ban from the competitive playlist. - Cheaters or the like network manipulators will receive the traditional 2 months ban. Additionally, they will permanently lose all weapons and gears or progress they earned in competitive, including any related collection tab. - Games with 3 or more players stacked in competitive will be put against other stacked teams. - Mercy rules are now more effectively declared. - We added a crucible training camp. Guardians who enroll will follow a training program. A series of objectives and parcours with timers whilst avoiding lasers and moving obstacles to reach and hit a target will help new players get more comfortable with this activity. - Our security team is now able to trace players using two modems to cheat and offer recovery accounts. We will provide Sony or Microsoft with all material evidence necessary to permanently ban players who have been identified as using two modems. Vault: - we have upgraded the vault and organized it efficiently. - Space cannot be an issue anymore. Items are organized by character, piece of gear or weapon, and power level Inventory: - Players can now save and label different loadouts/builds and select them directly from their inventory. - Loadouts can be transferred to and from vault. - Blues dropping below current light/power level are now auto-dismantled. - Collection gears and weapons can all be re acquired. With your vault now organized intelligently and virtually infinite storage, players won’t have to throw away exotics with interesting perks only bc they have no room in inventory. - Or, Collection perks will now reflect the perks selected on the exotic or legendary prior to deletion. Directory: - Pursuits are now organized by destination, type and duration. Progress is now apparent for every quest or bounty in the tab. - Followed quests or bounties will now continue to show on screen after each step until the quest is completed. - Players can now follow up to 8 bounties or quests simultaneously. This is a MMO after all! General: - We fixed some lag issues. Enemies should not switch lag anymore. - Bosses have no more immune phases. Some bosses have now significantly more HP. Applies to all activities. - Players will now spawn effectively in every social space without TPSing other players. - The postmaster will now warn players in activity when getting close to max storage capacity. Players in activity will be invited to use Bungie App to claim lost items. - We will no longer add exotics that we know are unbalanced and that we already prepared future nerfs for. Applies to future releases too. - Players can now reroll their ghost perks at Zavala. - We hired some French and Italian designers to improve the looks of the gears and weapons across the game. Players will have a chance at not looking like trash bags patchwork. - Players can now create their own shaders (I’m ok to pay silver for that but won’t make it a rule). Monochrome is available. - Previously released emotes are now available at Tess. (I didn’t play for over a year, missed the popcorn or hold on emotes, why can’t I buy these? New emotes should be available by playing, past emotes should be made available through purchases.

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