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6/9/2019 5:58:30 PM

A large force moves to reclaim the Deep Anchor... (...and the musings of the Deep)

[quote]Ranks and Ranks millions of blighted Deep warriors, Stolen from the ranks of the land beyond the Salty Seas, the choked and toxic land of Destiny, they walked corrupted powers of Darkness from the Deep conquest of it's realm, a toxic nightmare, on the best of days; hell on the worst... it had once been a beautiful land before the Gods had seen fit to turn their eyes... then the Deep came... and left nothing but an irradiated barren dry wasteland desert, the pebbles of sand formed from the tears of social toxicity; disruption; anger; rage; hatred... Now the scarren soldiers of the deep walked in their elaborate finery; marched to the beat of the Golems drums. Organized; devout; enslaved...[/quote] [quote] They marched from the mines beneath the scarred land in the sediment layer of ancient times, oldfoman of the before... the old Flood... up through the abandoned and smoke choked shafts, exhaling the stench of rot and filth and disintegration. The Deep marched and reclaimed the land, infecting the dead with the souls he had stolen, the lives it had reaped across the land... but the speaker was defiant... always defiant... if not pliable... and distantly coopertive... [/quote] [quote]It pondered as it spread its ranks into the no-mans-land - they built walls and towers of deep metal, and fortified them with runes of ancient power, And the eyes of the Deep kept ever watchful eyes on the now fortified city of Offtopic, the last bastion of this wretched multiverse, that it could stomach... it was full and lavishly satisfied with the meal. It slowed its consumption and pressed it's will into survival at all costs. The deeproots became hard and jagged accross the land, curling into thick brambles of jagged humming flora... the wind caused the branches to shriek against one another like horrible cries in the air, and the Army changed, their skin began to harden, their eys became Dark hollow pits as their flesh cracked and revealed the glowing corruption of the Deep, its will had shifted, it was no longer hungry, it was in the mood time to wait, to prepare for her answer.[/quote].. [quote]He minded the Speaker; tormenting him softly in his ear. Defiant! always defiant! beloved and loyal, but so defiant! the morsel lay before it, the cherry to suit to top of its confection, And yet the Speaker cautioned patience... it wanted to consume the core of his mind, the delicious pain that lie within was powerful and a descended from divinity.[/quote] [quote]Such a morsel would give the Deep the revenge it long sought, the final revenge on her. But the act of the treacherous lady had shielded it, burying it deep in the rot that now poisoned Speakers mind, a tiny barrier, like the surface of a pond, beneath which fillion lay, alone frightened, and taunted through the pool- by which the Deep could not enter. But as the lady's strength waned, so too did it's wouldn't be long now... The Deep was patient. [/quote] [quote]The Battlements rose like charred bones out of the earth, and encircled the Deep Anchor... The Deep Wyrms and Deep Dragons patrolled the skies, and stalked the battlements. The Army of the deep constructed Deep trenches and underground passages Bunkers with artillery and weapons with inhuman precision and speed, a few more agnizing moments, and The Deep had constructed its War lands. Like the stories of old, the legends from old and dusty books... the Dark Lands. A strong and symbolic message: KEEP OUT... [/quote] 'The Speakers eyes fall on Offtopic from his tower the Deep had built for him... He gazed on the lands below and he stared unfeeling;, unthinking; not even breathing... A single tear-drop, fell from his eyes... and he examined it in his claws, the Deep whispered in his ears, voraciously... "Just a vestigial reaction my love... It will pass"

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