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Deep Saga Chapter 5 part 4 (dear offtopic, fix the pp... I- like your parents- am very disappointed in you.)



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[quote] The horrible writhing form of Bops corruption forced itself out of the dark mi’qote knight and fell into the water disappearing behind the dark veil of the surface, and Bops form collapsed like twigs the deep had finally wrought upon him the final toll of his bargain. It had harmed his one confidant in the deep. As his eyes glazed over he saw her coming towards him, in the dark, a single beam of light walking in the distance her golden form Even from afar she was brilliant and beautiful, shimmering and radiating her light through the darkness; a vast and grassy meadow appeared around him. Flowers of white danced on the gentle and cool breeze as the Lady of Goodness illuminated the world, The gilded good lady, with golden ears that flicked and focused. Eyes of emerald and jade, or were they the green of the forests of Eorzea? Her loving gaze upon Bop brought a tear to his eye, and he blushed; and his hairs bristled, simultaneous fear and adoration overcame him as he slowly rose to his haunches. Feelings of fear, desire, and loneliness crept up in him. A Goddess had come before him… She glided to and rested a foot gently against him, above him her golden garments wafting in the wind, she slowly knelt and offered her hand, a face of pride, and of joy was on her face. “My… bravest young spirit.” Her words were like bells tinkling in the ether… “My most precious and beloved… “ The tears flowed freely from his eyes, “Such words have never been sweeter, fair one…” He cowed his eyes to her brilliance, and he choked back the sobs of his shame. Her soft and gentle hands lifted his eyes back to her; her ear flicked in the gentle breeze. “why do you weep my child…?” her eyes were knowing and kind as she beamed “B-B-Because, you are so beautiful my lady… and I…” He stammered as his shame stabbed him, “I am a coward…” The lady of light and goodness gently stroked his face and spoke. “Oh, my child… You do not know the victory you have won… what a brave and courageous soul to have bested the Speaker, to have cast out corruption… to have remembered… to love.” His eyes began to dry as his sorrow, turned to wonder. “what do you mean?” “Your love for your friend, was too strong for the corruption to take hold permanently… The speaker knew this… which is why he held you close to him… in the end the death of your friend saved you.” “So… am I… dead?” The lady helped him to his feet in a whoosh of movement. He felt warmth and strength returning to his body. She giggled, and he blushed again. “You’re also concerned about death aren’t you?” He took his arm leading him up the hill above the meadow… and before him stretched a sprawling world of infinite life, vast plains, mountains like cathedral peaks, clouds of deep blue and black, but greenery like none other! “My lady, what about my friends” he stepped away. She turned to face him, her gaze cooled and a sad look overtook her warm face; still loving yet concerned. “It’s… It’s j-just that, they’re in danger… they don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, I could help them!” Her said gaze brightened slightly.. “I could get them through this ordeal… you must- you must let me go back.” A single tear fell from her eye as she smiled again and her gaze fell. “Oh the pride you give me, Bopsheezi, and oh the worry” she murmured like laughter. And she beheld him with a mothers pride. “I would never keep you, if your purpose became clear to you” she looked up and her face was shy suddenly, and her moistened eyes like teardrops were afraid “My lady…” “…I am weak but I can send you back…” another tear. “What’s wrong my-? “Don’t!” here eyes sparked momentarily with agonized passion “You must, stop him, Bopsheezi” her voice shook… “It is coming to this world thanks to him, it was trapped. But he set it loose… and now, It will not stop until it has become the new reality of all. Kill the Speaker and the corruption will have no agency in this land and the infection will have a new reason to pause… He stalked away from her back the way they had came, her godly mind regarded his obtuseness with adoration and loving humor. He turned once more to behold her beauty to burn her haunting and gorgeous sight into his mind, he had forgotten much, but he felt such love when he gazed on her, such hope, and he would never forget the Lady. “Thank you… I am.” He shook his head “I am forever in your debt… good lady.” She raised her eyes and the sky shined around them, he felt his eyes dilate as the blinding maelstrom of pure energy surrounded them and passed through them.[/quote] ************************************************************************************************************** [quote] “BOP!!!” The remaining six raiders fanned out about them watching for the crawling apparition of horror that had been ejected from him. Acrocanthus and Ronin rushed to Bopsheezi as the rest carefully scanned the waters for any sign of movement, patrolling and searching vigilantly for the deadly seed of ruin. Acro shook him, trying to get something, anything! “Bop! Come on…” He patched his guantlets power into his med gear and placed the electrodes on the outer edge of his armor… “Acro are those-“ “-Yes” He pressed the buttons on the defibrillator, as the rest backed away. Acro felt the sharp sting of the electricity as it reverberated in the inverted hum of the generators below. The water did not conduct the electricity and the rest heaved a sigh of relief. Bop gasped back to life as his eyes grew wide and his hoarse voice heaved. “Bop!” Ronin sprang to his side as the rest wandered in, to marvel at the sight of his resurrection. “We thought you were gone, Knight.” Warlock reached down to help him to his feet as he came to. “Welcome back to the life” Bop grinned with a new smile, he had not smiled since the deep had taken him ‘my beloved…’ he remembered the beautiful miqo’te’s words, and he felt a knew glory arise within him. “Friends, I am so sorry…” His eyes were tired but true. “… I am- I’m ok” The others were overjoyed as they lauded the return of their friend. A roaring sound shocked them out of merriment, it seemed to reverberate from the vault. Bop walked to the front of their ranks and looked up at the lazy-rolling Vault… “We have a job to do, my friends” Sherlock stepped forward next to Bop and placed a hand on his shoulder. “and now we have the key to the Speakers downfall…” Bop looked back at him perplexed. “Bop, I know it will be hard… but you must tell us everything.” The others eyes drew to Bop. They figured, anything he knew might be valuable. Bop wondered anxiously what to tell them… [/quote]

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