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Deep Saga Chapter 5 part 3

[quote]Beneath the Vault, the Raiders struggled to their feet Warlock lied still, a new rain of void fire cascaded down upon them as the scattered to avoid the blasts. The ankle high water thrumming with antigrav genarators, curiously it did not effect them. Bop landed followed closely by Omega who crashed down beside him.[/quote] [quote]“I’m afraid I can let you do that, servants of light” The others gazed upon him in desperate silence, held at the point of his deadly weapon and Omega’s massive arsenal. “perhaps you serve another… It doesn’t matter, I am the Dark knight Bopsheezi Tenebrae;…” bopsheezi unclasped his helmet and let it fall the to the ground; his folded ears angled back, and angry, his eyes sparking with deep fire… his face, lined with black veins of corruption, burning with fell power. “Your journey ends here… e-e-embracethedeep-p-p” The words hissed from his eyes all around him.[/quote] [quote]“Hahahaha…muhaahahaha..AHA-AHAhahahHAHAHAHAH AAAAAAAHHHAHahahhahahaha” The rough modulated cackling filled their minds and shattered their senses, swirling through the air a black comet trailing the black chocking fog of the deep traced the air around the vault, darting this way and that, before stopping at a vault door on the surface. “The door swung open and the fetid shade disappeared. “Yes, Master” Bopsheezi spoke to the ether… “Now.. die!”[/quote] [quote]“Nooo!” Acro cried as Bopsheezi’s blast took Virus by surprise; his solid form burst into a thousand bits of screaming nanites, the swirling cloud swarmed the group, flying like gnats. In the confusion, Acro rushed to Bop with his power glove fully charged ‘How can you do this Bop, he screamed in his mind. Nanites crashed against his face and teeth as gritted them to punch Bop. Bopsheezi to the brunt of the strike flying back but landing feet first. He drew his sword, and it crackled with deep power The others pressed to surround Bopsheezi. Ronin now bore both Katana’s anger arching in his tone, the nanites swarm began clearing. “Bop you must fight this, you are far stronger than this demon!” Bops eyes stared at him unblinking;[/quote] [quote]“It’s too late for me… It’s in me now…” The whispering of the Speaker berated him in his ear…the voice was maddening, tormenting! “It’s used everything up… It’s more me than I am me now… I can’t even remember why I’m here… AAAASRRGGGyggH uhhuhuh…” “That is a lie! I know it’s you Bop, you’ve got to fight” “ERRRRGGGHHYYUUUUHGHHH… UAHHhuhu. HAHAhahahahah… ha ha…” The roars of Tigermen and the bellow of Golems echoed from the Balcom as they leapt down to the floor to surround the Raiders… The golems glowed with Deepfire and the tigers eyes were laser beams in the fine mist of the undervault…[/quote] [quote]Wripperoni began picking them off one by one with sniper fire, as they jumped, but they slowly kept coming. drawing his revolvers, Warlock struggled to his feet and blasted away tossing bolts of void and fire. His eyes swimming from the fall backing up to each other Warlock flipped him a thumbs up and covered his back as Acro dueled with Dark Bop. Ronin was a blur of acrobatic, and deadly slices, the Tigermen fell like nothing before his swift and sharp blades. He leaped above the battlefield and turned like tornado of cold steel judgement slashing his way through the deep monsters. He skidded to a stop in front of a large and glowing Deep Golem With a swing of its huge fists it attempted to batter the samurai away, but his legendary speed was too quick he leapt high into the air as more tigermen crowded the pool. He landed in the midst of them. [/quote] [quote]“Ronin Duck!,” Ronin flattened and his gun toting companions mowed down the deep forces around him. Warlock rejoined him, pulling the Lightning samurai to his feet. Nighthawk had been carving up Golems and tigermen alike, The blade of house chordilinae was stained with deep filth but it’s luster and markings glowed with such a power. He flew up above the battlefield and observed the floor; Ronin Warlock and Wripperoni had the Deep forces occupied while Acro was Desperately battling Bop in mortal combat. [/quote] [quote]Acro unleashed a flurry of electrified attacks with his fist and Bop batted them aside with his sword. “You’ll have to try harder than that.” He taunted… “The Bop I knew was a good Mi’qote, a true warrior… Lightning, force and void science… You don’t understand the powers I wield, just as I don’t understand the deep. But one way or another, you will fall…”[/quote] [quote]Dark Bop sighed and emitted a sinister Darkness drawing into a defensive stance. Three tigermen surrounded them and he charged his wave cannon at Acrocanthus, he ignited the water with void fire as Acrocanthus wass blasted back by the percussive wave. [/quote] [quote]Nighthawk unleashed a flurry of cannon fire on them, and Bop dived to the side as Omega came flying in to collide with Nighthawks own flying mech… <Omega unit primary, directive, protect Proctor Knight Bopsheezi Tenebrae, you will not be successful.> “Get off, you damn hunk of metal” the two grappled and flew wildly about.[/quote] [quote]“Perhaps you could join the Deep, Acrocanthus, there is a certain peace to it…” “I’ll never join the deep,” Acro clapped his gloves together and a portal appeared under a nearby Golem dropping it directly above Bopsheezi, Bopsheezi dodged and fired a hail of void fire at the skating Acro who barely stayed ahead of his shots. Acro tapped the comm on his head, “Ronin, I can’t take him by myself.” >Kinda busy here, Acro…< Ronin beheaded another Tigerman as he panted with battle fatigue; suddenly the forces of the Deep began pulling, back. Retreating! “Yea you better run!” Wripperoni called after them. [/quote] [quote]“Ronin…” Warlock tapped the samurai on his shoulder and they both looked over at Acro and Bop fighting, and they scrambled as fast as they could in their direction. The splashing of the water and the thrumming engines of the deep, vibrating beneath them. Nighthawk kicked free of the robot Omega, and his warning alarms began ringing as his mech started losing altitude, with the grace of a brick it crashed to the water. Nighthawk jostled violently in his seat as warnings flashed on his screen. [/quote] [quote]He grabbed the last cigar in his pocket and jammed it into his cheek. “Gor, ramnit Chordilinae, if you get me out of this, I’ll never rob another bank again… well you know what I mean, he furiously worked the controls to repair his mech… Ronin splashed closer to the battle. Bop turned to engage him charging his wave cannon. “Ronin, please… end this now”[/quote] [quote]“Let’s dance old friend” Ronin prepared his blade and lightning arced around him. Bop glowed with a Dark aura and attacked, slicing with his blade[/quote] [quote]But Ronin's mind was a haiku of strategy… art in motion, he guided his blade and channeled his energy through it slashing at the unprepared and off-balance Bopsheezi. The blade carved a slice out of his armor and deep corruption leaked through… [/quote] [quote]<Proctor Bopsheezi vitals spiked, I am coming Proctor> Acro Drew his sniper handcannons and aimed them carefully at the open slot in Omega’s back… He had noticed it only moments before. Two hollow and load shots, and the Robots back exploded in a blaze..[/quote] [quote]“OMEGA!!!!!…” Bopsheezi screamed as he knelt clutching his side, Ronin guarded watching the Dark Knight, the battle had long died, and now an eerie silence remained. For a moment his eyes un-glazed and he cried in a loud and anguished drone as he rushed to his friends side… [/quote]

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