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5/8/2019 11:44:25 PM

ThE cRYpT RoLePlaY FanFicTion SaGA - VoLume NUmeRo DoS

DerpyTaco stopped in front of the plastic door that sealed off tHe CrYpT [I]oOOOOoOoOo[/I] from the rest of the known land of anime. kingjulianmort's...[I]dummy thicc[/I]... bod was difficult to reach around, and DerpyTaco's gas from being tortilla intolerant was really starting to set him off. So, he threw a tantrum and spartan kicked the door down. Not the best decision, as the immortal ancient spirits that lived in tHe CrYpt [I]oOOOoOO[/I], namely A Traffic Cone and Virus, saw their chance to escape and torment the land of anime once again, and slay all the weaboos. DerpyTaco, immediately realizing his mistake, dropped kingjulianmort's ragdoll carcass at the top of the stairs and ran to get Grandma Kittimu's help. "Oh great sovereign! I have made a woeful error and released the spirits of tHe CrYpt! [I]oOOOoOO[/I]" DerpyTaco wailed as he knelt before the ancient Kittimu. The sage nodded, and her fingers tensed around her trusty baseball bat as she prepared for war. The howling of A Traffic Cone and Virus as they ascended the stairs of their primordial cage grew louder. " [b]The FitnessGram pacer test is a multi-stage aerobic capacity test...[/b] one cried. " [b]As some of you know, I am an attack helicopter...[/b]" the other screeched. Kittimu's face grew grim, and DerpyTaco huddled behind her for protection. "We're gonna need to call Daddy Toaster for this one." She said as she pulled out a giant bag of, uh, burnt toast, from behind the couch. "Is that the bait we're using this time?" DerpyTaco asked. Kittimu nodded silently. The stench gave off a very bad smell, a smell not unlike burnt toast. who would've thought. The two terrified individuals stood back as the ground began to shake, and the very particles that form reality began to shimmer and warp as Daddy Toaster neared. Then, with the sound of a rocket, a KitchenAid toaster smashed through the ceiling and landed on the floor with a thud, and fell on its side. Daddy Toaster had arrived. The wailing of the ancient spirits stopped, and everyone waited in silent anticipation as the small steel toaster wobbled, and uprighted itself. Then, a deep voice spoke from a small speaker on the side of the toaster. [b]Wwwwwwwwhat is going on guys it's ya boi Daddy Toaster back at it again with another [u]DEMON SLAYING EXPEDITION[/u] today we're gonna be...[/b]" A small GoPro camera extended from a hatch in the toaster, and the little plastic feet that kept the toaster an inch or two above the ground wiggled as the toaster made it's way towards the top of the stairs, vlogging all the way. "That's Daddy Toaster?" DerpyTaco asked. "Oh yes. He's much more [I]dominant[/I] than he looks." Kittimu replied. oh [spoiler]gonna give this one a b-[/spoiler]

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