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5/31/2019 4:35:23 PM

The Speaker enters the Underworld.

The queen of the underworld, resplendent on her throne of blood and bones, sits petulantly as the Dark man approaches and bows, respectfully... Her savage beauty stands in dark contrast to her tumultuous and piercing glare, as the Speaker of the Deep enters into her realm, unannounced and uninvited. Following closely, are the two Gorgons of the Deep, his personal body guard, one carrying a bag with a human form struggling inside "Timeless queen of the underworld, I pray that my tithes have been pleasing to you and the underworld" Speaker remains bowed as he speaks. "You dare enter this place? No living thing may enter here that will not die" "My apologies for the intrusion, I bring with me a gift to ease your troubled mind to my presence..." Speaker motions to the gorgon carrying the bag and it dumps out the frightened and disheveled form of Neko Neko Nya" The eyes of The queen widen, and a strange sense of anticipation grips her. "No living thing shall enter here that will not die, my queen" with a lightning fast slash Neko Neko Nya, is carved in two by the sharp claws of the speaker. The moment is thrilling, and the soul of the leader of the invading Neko's is drawn to Speaker's hand solidifying into a pale glowing soulstone of gem-like magnificence. It floats from his hand to the queens who examines the powerful soul, mischevious, insane, and innocent. "I will entertain this stunt for only so long, you have your audience..." she sat forward looking down her nose at the grinning Speaker. "I come to Speak for the deep" "Shocking..." "Not in the least, oh age-less one... The deep does not seek quarrel with the underworld, for it respects death above all things..." "Is that why you brought your Gorgons and blade to an empty battlefield? Don't make me laugh..." "...It is true that I relish the challenge of defeating your fell minions, and battling your darkest creations, but alas, I arrived late, and the deep punished me greatly for it... my sorrow, is now my strength. Such is the gift of the Deep" The Queen turned the glowing stone in her hands, the life force that it radiated was a pungent smell like the scent of a perfectly ripened fruit... The Speaker continued. "The time is drawing near when the deep will come to the land of the living above, It has become famished feeding on the realm it inhabits now, in that world there is nothing left to consume..." "Go on..." "The Deep desires to coexist with the Queen of death, in exchange for [u]half[/u] the souls in offtopic, when it arrives. The Deep makes this offer only once, and I, its Speaker; extend it now to your glory. The Deep will not enter the underworld, and in exchange the Underworld will not hinder the Deep. This is the treaty proposed by darkness." "And why would I listen to a festering mass of flesh and hate, when I could easily destory the living at any time?" "My queen is a most wise bargainer; the time of rebalance is coming, the Deep is frightened by it's impending doom..." "...And what could frighten the Deep?" The Speaker pauses, driven by the Deep but unsure of it's wisdom "She... has been speaking to them, and when that happens; the deep becomes frightened" "Perhaps I should side with her..." The speaker grins... "Wouldn't that be a pair, the goddess of light, and the queen of death... forever equal... When She becomes the way, your souls will have another route to take, one that does not end in darkness... I wonder what they will choose..." "How dare you insult me, shade?!" The speaker bowed apologetic but cunning. "I am no mere shade; most elegant one... but I apologize for my offense. I pray you will mark the words of the Deep, my queen, for it respects you above all other deities, and regards you as equal; if not, greater than it." The Queen considered the lifestone glowing in her palm. Speaker bowed once more and spoke for the final time. "I beg your leave, noble Queen, there is much to prepare" The queen looked up to glare at the Speaker; "I will consider this pact... but you will not presume my answer... Go, and tell that to your... Deep..." "Your wisdom is only matched by your cunning... my queen..." With that the Speaker turned on his heel and stalked away followed closely by his guards... The queen sapped the power of the pure life force from the stone and felt the tingle of its potency... 'What to do?'

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