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5/26/2019 7:31:46 PM

The Off-topic Constitution (Bill #1: Passed) + Message from Bopsheezi

[quote]We, the assorted masses of the Off-topic forum, once known as the glorious flood, make this document our manifest and motto, to guide and to keep. The people and beings of this land, though divided in levels of mental faculties, political alignment, humanity, and many other ways, do stand united around this institution that is the Off-topic Government, an unprecedented and highly successful attempt at democracy from the mobs and hives of our land. We stand forever united in disunity, and forever together in our individuality. May the powers that be smile on this country as it has for many years, and may we grow ever onward as a Republic. This document is hereby signed into effect by: [i]RingLeader77 (4th President of Off-topic), Liam Gue (1st Chancellor), Mediocre Adidas (alt of the Great Adidas), Ronin, Toaster, Lee the Sheriff, Bopsheezi, Darth Turtle, Hammer, Rex,, Pyrus101, and Ult Loot Crate [/i]on May 25, 2019. Ex discordiae, unitatis = = Article One: The Senate. The Senate shall consist of one house of ten members, voted upon in midterm elections between presidential elections. In a private group, the Senate will convene to enact and pass laws. 1. A majority of 7/10 is needed to pass a law in the Senate. 2. The President can veto a bill, requiring the bill to have an 8/10 majority to them pass. 3. Senators may propose bills in this way: Making an official poll in the forums requesting the people's approval. 3-B: The President can propose a bill without taking it through the forums first. 3-C: The Chancellor can propose a bill without taking it through the forums first. 4. The Chancellor has the power to break any ties of the Senate. 5. The Chancellor has the right to bring a senator's worth into question and hold a public vote to impeach them. 6. The Chancellor can call a vote of impeachment of the President to proceed as follows: I. A vote in the Senate that requires a 7/10 majority with no Presidential veto power. Then: II. A public vote for the populace to decide the final answer to the matter. If successful: III. The President is then impeached and the Vice President becomes Chief Executive 7. The Chancellor is elected at the same time as the Senators, akin to the Presidential race. = = Article Two: Rights We hold these truths to be self evident, that all Offtopicans are created equal, and that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights which include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Included in these rights are: 1. The right to post whatever you want, wherever you want so long as it does not invite violence or hostility in the real world. 2. The rights of all user's shall not be infringed upon due to race or creed of any kind outside blatant malicious affiliation such as with [url=]-godwinslaw!-[/url]. 3. As far as possible, the Government is to stay out of the day to day roleplay except in unofficial capacities (i.e. The Government can not be used to shut down or instantly complete a roleplay, but members can still participate). 4. All users have equal protection under the law whether they be organic, mechanical, synthetic, or other. = = Article Three: The Executive. The President of Off-topic shall be elected to six month turns twice every year. The following rules, privileges, and limitations follow. 1. Can Veto a Senate bill. 2. Can propose a Senate bill without taking it through the forums. 3. Can call a vote of no confidence in the Chancellor, following the same procedure of impeachment as Article One, Subsection 6, I-III. 4. The President is the Commander in Chief of the Off-topic armies. 5. The President can appoint members as a cabinet, including traditional roles and military roles. 6. Can pass executive orders such as necessary laws, granting pardons, giving medals, etc.[/quote]

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