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5/27/2019 5:08:07 PM

Deep Saga Chapter 4 part 2

[quote]The Raiders stood around Raptor in the bank, they arranged him beside his war-rig, and shared memories of baby Raptors and Raptors brazen nature. Suddenly, Raptors body became luminescent as they watched, and his soul rose from his corpse, he smiled and looked on as they beheld the sight with open mouths, silent- in awe. His light coalesced into a small white stone that presented itself to Jade. Ronin, with a look of wonder took the stone for her and stowed it in her pack, her tears flowed once more.[/quote] [quote]Suddenly a voice filled the room and they were startled; drawing weapons. “… This soul was pure, and untainted by corruption. Simple. Brave… He will not rest in this place, and he will live again, though his journey here… be ended” “WHO ARE YOU!” Warlock shouted “Show yourself!”[/quote] [quote]“… I am an observer… and a friend…” “There are no friends in this realm…” “… There are… if you know where to look…” The party formed a circle around their dead comrade ready for an attack to come. “What did you mean by he will live again?”[/quote] [quote]“… The life-stone once returned to your world will return him to you… but he will not accompany you through this journey as he was… So long as one of you stands… The journey continues…” At the end of the bank the gate leading to the downward leading stairs rose, opening the passage. And behind it, the stunning ghost of a woman draped in golden finery[/quote] [quote]“There is much you do not know… And there is no time to understand… Go and complete your quest, the stakes have just been raised by your enemy… for those who remain … and you are fighting for more than just the lives of your president, and the minister…. Go now… and do not give into the sorrow… for it will sap your minds and cause you to forget… even yourselves….” With that the woman vanished… Warlock reached “Wait!” but she was gone…[/quote] [quote]The raiders, reflected and looked to where the woman once floated. Ronin could see the despair in their eyes, the weight of their burden that they would now carry. He turned to Jade and she showed him an angry and determined glint in her eye; She had not given up yet, and neither would he. Ronin nodded. "The Deep... feeds on our sorrows... I do not know how... I do not know why... but I do know this... I will not rest until I have avenged our fallen friends... and we will find a way to wipe this place from the multi-verse" He looked with teary eyes at Raptor... “For the Raptor…” he drew his Katana and raised it over the corpse of they’re departed comrade. “For the Raptor…” Acro raised his Handcannon to meet Ronins blade… Unsheathing the Sword of House Chordilinae, Nighthawk looked up, for once no quip would be heard “…For the raptor”[/quote] [quote]The rest followed in suit raising their weapons, and repeating the mantra. Virus stood back from the group and observed, before mimicking the behavior… he chose not to utter the words… The Raiders collected themselves and pressed on into the Tunnels beneath the Bank…[/quote]

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