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5/27/2019 4:47:30 PM

Deep Saga Chapter 4 Part 1

[quote]The Bank was dark except for the light from Ronin and Warlocks orbs as they entered the grand atrium. The deep rot as nowhere to be seen in here, and that put them on edge; what was going on here? The screams of Tigermen ceased outside, as they came away from the Bank doors. The reflections of the gold and platinum ceiling set with many number of valuable gems. The high vaulted ceiling and the Chandelier over the grand staircase to the upper office, the scorched scars of the battle with the brotherhood were everywhere. Beneath the Chandelier an open gated door led to a staircase going down. [/quote] [quote]“Jackpot!” Night hawk began prying priceless gems on the wall “Had my eye on these for a while…” “Caution” Virus chided “Speaker is cunning” “Yea, yea..”[/quote] [quote]As the pair began to argue amongst themselves the rest of the Raiders continued gawking at the sight. Acro turned to Ronin; “How much did the Speaker accumulate in wealth?” he said flabbergasted. “He has been collecting it for some time now from what I have seen..” Acro laid a hand on a column of solid titanium with gold inlays feeling the grain. “His monies became bigger once he left a petty life of crime- the sheriff filled me in. He was drunk, a shapeshifter with no purpose, except the purpose bestowed by a symbiote insect named Aod. Then when the symbiote left him he was driven mad, and strove to gain power. He amassed great wealth under the society...”[/quote] [quote]“…and then he ‘embraced the deep’” “correct” Ronin walked carefully on examining the overturned Teller desks. “I still don’t get. Maybe he’s just crazy; I mean I’ve done some borderline things in my time as a scientist, but this madness with the brotherhood…? Kidnapping Ring and enslaving Bop…? Bop…” Acro stopped a moment his normally confident demeanor was slipping. He had forgotten Bop. How could he have forgotten Bop? Not just that Speaker had Taken him; he could barely remember Bops face… [/quote] [quote]“Acro-Acro!” Acrocanthus shook his head to bring him back to reality. “I’m ok. It’s this place…” Ronin nodded with a grim countenance “I know... It’s trying to make us forget Offtopic” The other Raiders were off exploring the open hall as they realized it. “We’ve got to tell the others, Ronin…” “No…” “What do you mean, if they’re being effected we all need to know” “Keep your voice down Acro.” Acro looked at the others still embroiled in their exploration of the massive Hall. [/quote] [quote]“Something is not right Acro; I think we should keep this information to ourselves.” “What about Warlock? And Jade?” “I will handle Jade, Warlock- has already figured it out. And something seems wrong with him…” Warlock had taken to observing and walking alone, peering occasionally into nothing as if he were in deep thought. He offered his advice and knowledge when it was asked but something had changed; he was acting distant. Every so often he would be caught stealing glances at the party as if he were worried about something. [/quote] [quote]“You think it’s getting to him…” “Can’t be sure.”[/quote] [quote]Nighthawk peeled back a hunk of gold he had been hammering with his knife and security mesh came with it… “Oh fu-“ Suddenly the lights of the bank became blinding as the panels of the wall slid open to reveal menacing Gattling cannon-mounts.[/quote] [quote]<cease your activity at once. This is First Offtopic bank security module 9772, step away from the pillar> Nighthawk backed up slowly as the other party members jumped to action, only to be cutoff a hail of gunfire before them. <Intruders detected. Intruders: State your intentions>[/quote] [quote]“We’re here to open an account!” Warlock blurted out suddenly <Scanning> They stood frozen, as the internal sensors catalogued their equipment and gear, at lightning speed it made the determination that such outfitted individuals were at least moderately wealthy <I do apologize. My name is Mita! Welcome to the First Offtopic bank>[/quote] [quote]The raiders breathed a collective sigh of relief. <you are our first customer in -1,999,344- [YEARS] How may I assist you?> “We are looking for information, we need to find someone” <Please state the name of the person you are trying to locate> “His name is SpeakeroftheDeep”[/quote] [quote]A single electronic eye zoomed in on Warlock. <All information relating to the SpeakeroftheDeep is strictly confidential. And unfortunately my subroutine is programmed to eliminate anyone inquiring> Ten Gau8 cannons hummed as they trained on the Raiders and began spinning. <Have a nice day!>[/quote] [quote]“MOVE!” The cannons unleashed a hailstorm of explosive machine gun fire as the Raiders dove for cover. Raptor fired a puls blast at one of them but it simply whirled in his direction forcing him to hide behind a teller station. The noise of the guns was deafening as the Raiders were pinned down behind debris, hot lead and fire barely missing them. Acro dug through a satchel of explosives, amidst the assault and found what he was looking for- a mini EMP. He armed the grenade and jammed it into the ground, the tiny detonator sprang into the air and exploded sending a wave of electromagnetic energy and crippling the cannons. [/quote] [quote]<KKKK-w-w-eee H-hhh-ope You-u-u-u-u enj-j-j-oy-ed your visit-isit-isit-isit-isit>[/quote] [quote]The team looked over their cover as they took stock of any injuries. A wailing scream filled the air as Jade ran to the Tellers desk. The others looked on- disturbed by her cries. “Jade, what’s wrong??” Ronin rushed over afraid she had been hurt. Instead he beheld a pitiful sight… Behind the Tellers desk lay the Raptor, perforated by machine-gun fire and bleeding heavily. Jades cries were heart-breaking as she worried over The Raptor. A rattling breath, and he was gone… a victim of his brave attempt to fight back [/quote]

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