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5/23/2019 11:01:56 AM
Agree completely. Everything that is special is always nerfed and a lot of times they nerf the wrong things. Whisper is an exotic. They already knew from D1 what white nail perk did only problem in D1 was that it was a legendary gun. It is perfectly fine the way it is now. If they want to change it that it takes ammo then at least make every crit you fire do more and more damage so if you hit all your shots then the final shot does massive damage! The problem with guns like Luna and NF are not the guns it is the way it's rewarded. The 5500 mark in comp is bs. Most of the players got it using exploits, cheating, ddossing, etc. Also the whole point system is not competitive like. Players of 5500 points don't go up anymore so the ranking gets messed up. Also the reset after each season is bs. And of course no solo match making. Rather make the NF a grinding quest where you can also get the gun if you reach 2100 points in 3 seasons. In my opinion an exotic weapon should be more powerful and better than any other weapon. Also because you are only allowed to use one. A lot of times the exotic weapons don't feel extra powerful or special. Heard something on nerfing the Outlook Perfected like why? It is already pretty tough to get and an exotic gun and it is not way powerful than for example a Bygones or that forge pulse. I expected more from guns that came back like Last Word and Thorn too but they are a bit disappointing compared to the D1 versions in their fixed prime. So not the time when they were like sniper weapons. All this nerfing just gives players a lot of negative feelings all the time and a lot of guns that are being nerfed are not the guns that should be nerfed. If they want to adjust something then adjust the Jotunn. Make it more powerfull and make it a power weapon instead of a special weapon. Crucible sucks at the moment. Too many 1 shot weapons that don't require skill and that are not power weapons. Another option is reducing the ammount of special and power ammo like the way it was in D1 but with the change that you don't lose the ammo if you die. Start with a base amount of ammo and you can get more from ammo spawns only. If you die you just keep what you had.

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