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5/21/2019 2:20:56 AM
Hey Bungie, here’s some ideas I’ve had for a while for some new strikes to make it easy. Unwelcomed Intrusion - Dreaming City - Boss: Heraash, The Brazen. A massive scorn abomination located in the basement of the Dreaming City. He has 2 semicircle platforms in his hands that appear to be taken from somewhere in the Dreaming City. He swings them around and uses them like a snowplow. His primary attack will be a modified scorn abomination lightning attack that travels in three directions. He also has an attack when his health reaches 1/4 thresholds (3/4, 1/2, and 1/4) where he releases a massive shockwave that deals solid damage to and knocks back anything that isn’t behind cover. Deep Dive - Titan - Boss: Mirnix-6, Rebuilt Prime. A Large scavenged Prime servitor located in the shipping area. Acts similarly to Sepix Perfected, but has a Void-tether ability that he can use infrequently. The stage floods throughout the fight, forcing you to ascend the ship. When you reach the top follow (when Menvaj is at 1/4 health, a large spider tank and many reinforcements will drop down from a ketch. The fight focuses on moving toward the enemy and not letting them have a chance to regroup. This is further evidenced by an ability Mirnix has that when the area changes, he will suck the ether out of whatever allies are there. The more energy he drains in the previous stage, the more he tethers in the next, so you need to attack the adds an make a basic progression flow. Iron Tower - Mars - Boss: Valus Ha’Vaash. A cabal incendior that has been outfitted with stolen Rasputin tech. His massive flame thrower fires Void flames. The fight progresses where you have to cause his pack to overheat to lower his shield. He has a targeted air-strike ability that appears similarly to a psions bounce ability except it fires a crimson Rasputin beam from above. Half-way through the fight, he will call down a Rasputin War-Sat now to lower his shield you need to unlock the War-sat and stay close to it to receive the “Corrupted Bullet Tracer” buff. This will allow you to fire through the shield. This will expire after 5 seconds and require you to go back to the War-sat. These are just portions of it. I have ideas of where each should take place, how the plot goes, and even what the strike specific loot is.

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