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5/21/2019 1:54:21 AM

Oh snap, here we go again...

Hi Bungie. So... i read about the incoming nerfs and... the only thing i can say is: oh snap, here we go again. I wish only to share my idea and give my personal feedback. Since it's just an opinion from a random player like myself, is really not that important whether you will act upon that feedback or not Bungie. For me, it would be enough if you could simply read it. I'll try to make things as honest and entertaining as possible XD. Let start with the most impactful ones as you described and im gonna focus first on the weapons locked behind quest chains (since what im about to say doesn't apply very well to random drop exotics). Whisper, Sleeper and Ace. All of these weapons have exciting and challenging quests as a prerequisite in order to obtain them. They are fun and great, no doubts but they are also pretty rage/frustration inducing in some parts. I understand that completing the challenge should be a reward on its own but in destiny, (as in any loot based game) power is the best reward. Power. Power to crush enemies and battle gods. Power to defeat multiple enemies in a single pvp match. In order to obtain that power, we are ready to face any challenge, any amounts of enemies, any amounts of questionable parkouring routes and any amounts of deaths caused by something that was purely there for the developers' giggle (AKA Bungie-troll, like walls having somehow the taken cabal's effect of blasting you from earth to Saturn). The feeling that those weapons (and many more) give to us, is a big part of what makes destiny unique. Whisper did not need any nerf (imho). Reducing it reserves to 9 (heck, you could have gone even to 6) was already all it needed to be balanced. Whisper gives you an amazing amount of power... if you wield it correctly. Landing 3 precision shots is essential for that power. You are not supposed to miss. You need to be a sharpshooter. If you are, you will kill. If you are not, you will fail... it's that simple. Thanks to whisper, i learned how to pace my shots, how not to be greedy and how to improve my accuracy... and just as a sidenote, whisper is good only for some encounters, not all of them :P and you know that. Sleeper. Poor sleeper. It went from being the doom laser of death to a "meh" kinda laser gun that takes too much time to charge for the damage it does. Why make non-precision shots forgiving? Encouraging sloppy play? Come on Bungie! Let Raspuntin's baby be Rasputin's baby! If splitting the beam is creating issues, remove that and have it behave like it did in destiny 1. The weapon looks awesome and sounds awesome, let it wreck those sweet critical spots! Ace... i mean... really? Removing memento mori when switching weapons? So now, instead of doing the cool and effective move of switching between my weapons to better suit myself to the different unfolding scenarios of a fight, i should either lose my proc in name of flexibility or consume the proc completely as fast as possible before i switch weapons. Sure, i could back off/hide and continue fighting but i dont want to back off from a shielded minotaur and a couple of goblins when i have my shotgun itching to tear those bots to pieces. (Sorry for the intense imagery but i get kinda carried away XD). No, i want to obliterate them and then proceed to pop some other vex heads from those pesky hobgoblins 20m away. By the way, Cayde-6's weapon... and you're gonna nerf it? After he is dead? That's just rude XD. You could let memento mori proc only on precision hit kills while giving 5 shots in the magazine that are not gonna disappear. Now, regarding random dropped exotic loot... Well, for Lord of Wolves, 20% reduced damage is a bit on the heavy side i feel. It's a replica of a fallen shotgun (you know...the one usually used from those captains to literally remodel the shapes of our precious guardian derrières). It is supposed to be nasty and good XD. Need to tone it down? Fine, do it... but not like that!! I mean... the poor thing now is going to feel useless XD. And finally for all those super energy related exotics... well... ok i can see why throwing 8 novabombs/shadowshots/blade barrages is not exactly what you had in mind (even though its fun as hell... XD i mean come on.... how can you tell me that chaining 8 novabombs in the Fanatic strike is not fun?). You said that regaining super energy must focus on allies/teamwork... Awesome! Change the perks entirely! What about something like this? -> When allies within 20 meters collect orbs of light, 60% of that super energy they got from the orbs is also given to you. How about pairing it with this -> increases by 120% the super energy obtained by teamshot kills (reduced to 75% in pvp). You can even give to these perks names that recall teamwork! As an example, for Skull of Dire Ahamkara, something like: Dragonheart, you share your power with your peers so that all may survive hardships. (little easter egg to the Dragonheart movie XD Perfect, since it's about giving power to those who you trust, your fireteam in this case :D ). In conclusion Bungie, don't take away power that we obtained through hardships (or luck). Power that you gave us to enjoy the game, making it unique, fun and awesome. Yes we need challange, yes you have to keep the balance but don't forget that fun is what keeps games alive. At the end of day, what really makes destiny unique (for me at least) is the feeling of power that weapons, abilities and supers give me. Don't take that away, steer it, make it more demanding of skill and/or more focused on the teamwork, depending on the case. Hope some of you reads this Bungie, I only wish the best for the game. After all, the Destiny Universe is my first and only shooter i play because is the only one that gives me those huge vibes of awesomeness trough the weapons and the classes' abilities and the FREAKING SUPERS XD. Don't take that away :) Sincerely, a random Destiny dude.

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