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5/20/2019 6:29:06 AM
Instead of nerfing, they could have just buffed other things to compete. I don't know why they don't just do that, it seems easier and far more popular than nerfing. And I say that as someone who gets killed way too often by Luna's and Not Forgotten, I still feel bad for people who got theirs legitimately and wish they'd buff some older guns if they aren't going to add new guns any time soon. They could also easily increase the loot pool by allowing players to take weapons from the Taken, the Fallen, Cabal, Vex, et al. That was one of the fun things about Halo was you could use alien weapons against them. It would also fix the issue of OP guns in Crucible, if they made it so if you kill someone who has an OP gun, you get to use it until you get killed (and then the person who killed you can pick it up). It would only last duration of the match, but it would: 1) give players who don't have said gun a chance to try it out, and see if it's worth grinding for; 2) if the gun is OP, it makes people who have tried it out, want it all the more and thus will do what it takes to grind for it; 3) A team who unstrategically uses OP guns in a match, risk losing their weapons to the enemy, so it becomes a trade-off in terms of risk in using OP guns, and great players may opt to use weak guns in Crucible deliberately for bragging rights and to not risk losing OP guns to an opposing team who will most certainly use it against them. It would also be interesting to give an 'OP' rating to each weapon, super, ability, etc. and give additional points to people not using OP guns in a match, to balance things out. Good players, once again, would opt to use non-OP guns just to get extra points. Of course, I think good players should also start getting fewer points in a game versus lesser skilled opponents, while less skilled opponents defeating a superior player will net them extra points. Making the scoring system more complex could help offset the current issue with matches becoming unfair and unbalanced very quickly in terms of scoring, since there is something clearly wrong with the matchmaking and/or team balancing when so many matches are total blowouts for one side or the other.

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