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DeepSaga: Chapter 2 Part 4

THE MASTER [quote]The Speaker awaited his prized pupil at the control panel to the great vault. Beneatha the massive floating treasure trove was an immense pool of deep black water. A causeway reached out from the side of the wall to barely kiss the great Sphere that was the vault proper. A massive metallic orb floating in space, held up by massize gravitonic generators, powered by massive Fusion reactors deep underground. Circular vault doors were spread across its surface, in fact every single inch of its surface was covered in the story tall round doors. The Speaker turned to behold his young thrall, he grinned; delighted by his hate. The smoke that fell from his robes and purple glowing eyes burned from behind his oily mask[/quote] [quote]Bopsheezi, my prize… do you know where we are? We are in Vault B “Yes, My Vault, there was a time I was obsessed with my status, when my avarice allowed me to enjoy certain things that many could not, divine creations of beauty and love and terrible nightmares of crooked conception. All. Here. I stored all that I could acquire here. It is my prize, and my mission.” He raised his arms as if trying to embrace the vault, “for the Deep”[/quote] [quote]“When the Deep took me young one, I was not unlike you, lost, afraid… and then I filled my heart with the hate of the deep and I felt. Release… peace… you would feel it too. But you hold on to hope, that foul unforgiving virgin -blam!- of a concept, changeable and irrelevant.” Bop said nothing as the snake encircled him with his pacing, the whispers from beyond tauting him. “Loyalty; I crushed that out of you first and still you held on to hope… even as the Deep consumed you from the inside out… I must tell you Bopsheezi, I am disappointed…”[/quote] [quote]“I am sorry my master, the warm embrace of the deep was comforting, loving, Bopsheezi felt the fight leaving him, he felt the world melting around him and all that remained was the Speaker, His oily form pulsating in the ether. You will go my instrument, you will attack the Offtopic Realm and you will destroy their precious Senate. And when you have completed the Task of building the Deep Anchor, you will return here to guard my vault. “Do you suspect they will attempt something?”[/quote] [quote]“ I have foreseen events… The Deep has many powers it only offers its truest disciples… You will destroy the Senate and then you shall return here. The powers of offtopic are planning a foolish venture to infiltrate the vault. You will be the line they do not cross, my beloved Bopsheezi… “I will do as you command Master” “Good… Now, Go.” Turning with anger in his heart and hatred for the Speaker that burned with the light of a thousand Atomic suns, He marched with renewed speed the power of the Deep coursing through his veins. ‘Forgive me Elder… Forgive me…’[/quote] [quote]He felt the Speaker laughing in his head as his withering soul fought in vain, and his mindless corpse of a shell stalked out of the great chamber, Speakers laughter reached a fever pitch as he plugged in his codes and entered the great spinning sphere, the vault door lost in the sea on the surface of the great interdimensional loackbox.[/quote]

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