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Ideas For A Better Balanced Crucible with a Revolving Meta

Now I know what your thinking: That title is a bold statement to say the least! This guy reckons he can potencially hold the key to freedom from the Dustrock - LH/NF- Wardcliff staple in everyone's load-out? And he thinks that he can also nullify the Super Heavy game play crisis?? Just Maybe. This is gonna be a long one, but tell me what you guys think: [b][u]Part 1: Loadout Variety[/u][/b] Now what is the driving point behind choosing what weapons you use? Incentive. Why would I use Trust if I have Lunas Howl? Why would I use Perfect Paradox over Dustrock Blues? Why would I use a sidearm over.... Anything Else? You get a lot of players who say "buff this, buff that" but that will just create more issues. My Idea is not to buff and nerf weapon types, but to change the rules of the sandbox entirely. Consider the following: you have a Lunas Howl pointed at your face and are three pulls of the trigger away from your demise. Currently against a skilled and accurate player, there's nothing you can really do. Now lets say your a Sentinel Titan. Normally, this wouldn't be a factor. But What if we bring elements into this? What if, as a Void class, you took the full brunt of void weapons and abilities, but solar and arc are somewhat weakened. Lets say by about 10-15%. Now, you survive the 3 tap, your opponent, even with Mag Howl (pre-nerf) needs to shoot again. You have some more time to counter with your own weaponry and maybe win the gun fight. The above example is specific but outlines the purpose of this change. Build your loadout to counter other players. You can have your go to's for countering Solar, Arc and Void which would Increase variety in the sandbox. Sick of being melted by Recluse? Switch from Void to Arc. Want a greater chance at not being killed by a stray wardcliff rocket? Switch from Arc to Solar. Dependent on what the hot class is E.g. Spectral Blades, you can now counter it by going all in on void weapons, AND picking a non-void class to gain some resistance. When Striker Titans are running amok, choose Dawnblade and rain death from above with Arc arms (Hello Again Wardcliff). This would allow for more effective counter play, and offer a greater amount of competitive weaponry. As supers get buffed or nerfed, the weapons in the crucible rotate with them rather than stay stagnant. Speaking of Supers: [b][u]Part 2: When Supers Rain, They Pour[/u][/b] We have addressed Weapon choice to some extent, and promoted some experimentation. Now how do we address rampant supers? The Instant cast ones are... fine. Nova Bomb, Shadow Shot, Thunder Crash, Blade Barrage Etc. They are all absolutely fine at the moment as one and done supers. The roaming supers however? They are a different story. Spectral Blades, Sunbreaker, Nova Warp, Arc-Strider... They can all be devastating the the right hands. So, how do you make them more manageable whilst retaining their power? Answer: Make them immune. Hold the phone, this guys gone crazy! How would that fix anything?! Wait for me to finish: You make supers immune, but any damage they take is inflicted to their super bars. So if you and a teammate have a super charging at you, and you unload your Auto-Rifles at them, whilst you still may not survive, you will greatly decrease their time in super. This would mean that a reckless roaming super will have a far worse time than a sensible one, and mean that a player with no Heavy and no Super of their own, will still have a fighting chance. The Immunity change will ensure that the irritation of being killed as you pop your super will be all but removed, and allows supers to be a good escape option, rather than all out attack. This also means that the super user can still go on a romp (If good enough) and will finish their super on full health ready to get back in the fight. Lastly - Extoics that give your super back for using your super? They have to go. Give them new exciting abilities! Make Skull of Dire Ahemkarra shoot two nova bombs rather than one. Make Orphius Rigs shoot through walls, or greatly increase tether range. Just Super energy for supering... It breaks the game balance and has to go. Let me know what you think of the above! Any improvements or any other theories? Until Next Time I will see you in the crucible. Pinky Out

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