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Transcendence Chapter Two: The Guarded Delegation

[quote] "Long ago, these transcendent slaughtered us men and women in droves. Stories tell of their maniac leaders, men who would sacrifice anything and anyone to further their power, their magics. These are not the warriors of god. These are the perpetrators of injustice, and we are the gavel of righteousness and might." - Rallying Speech presented by Armiste Solundre, The Original Legionary [/quote] [Spoiler]The Fantastic Drawing Above (or here ) Was Made By Lee The Sheriff. Thank You Lee For The Great Drawing![/spoiler] Carthus Lodgers eased the controls of his ship slowly to a halted position, he had been flying from Orrenia for nearly half an hour now and it was past time he took a moment to rest. He got up from his chair with a groan as his legs felt the punishment of sitting in one place tensed for so long. Lodgers went to the main deck of his starship and sat down across from his fellow passenger and friend, Armis London. Armis looked away from the viewing port and endless void she had been watching to look to Lodgers. "Are we nearly there?" She asked. They were on their way to a warp gate which would take them to their destination: the Consortium's headquarters. "Almost," Lodgers replied. "We'll be there in just a little while. This is your first time going through a warp gate isn't it?" Armis nodded affirmatively. "And my first time to meet the Consortium as well." "Then you're in for an interesting time, I'd say." Carthus said. "Just keep your wits about you around them and keep on your best behavior if you know what I mean." === The grandiose warp gate loomed before the two Legionarries' ship as they made their approach. The gate was circular, and massive, aweing London in her first time seeing one. At her first glance, London thought the gate must not be powered, for beyond the gate she saw only empty space and the outline of Orrenia beyond it. But as they came closer to the aperture London realized something, the planet one the other side was not Orrenia, where they'd come from, but Arcinia. As they flew through the gate slowly she could tell the difference in the constellations. With as little transition as humanly possible, they had flown from the one planet to th next in a literal fraction of the distance. London turned in her seat to look back through the portal. As she had figured, the world Orrenia, which they had just came from, was now only visible through the portal dimly. === The two Legionarries' ship docked into the Consortium's headquarters, the Station of Transit III. The clean and smooth sides of the station was a sight behold as it stretched as far as the eye could go in any direction. As the ship extended its landing gear, it seemed woefully small next to the large cargo and transport ships that were found all along the docking bay. The two stepped out of their ship and into the cool air of Transit III. The station was busy and bustling with the work of a thousand men and women of the Consortium. All around them smaller crates and packages were driven away and packed into the cargo ships in the docking bay. It took them several crowded minutes before they were able to escape the crowds of the Dock and make their way to the open. London was impressed by the grand station's layout. There were pathways upon pathways upon pathways, giving a labyrinthine aura to the whole station. "This place is amazing..." London said. " It's a thing of beauty, isn't it? " Carthus responded. "Maybe one day the Legion will be able to make the whole system as rich as the Consortium." " That's the dream, " Armis nodded slowly at the thought of worlds at peace. "Where to?" She asked, turning her focus back to her companion. " The weapons division. Somewhere over there. " He pointed to an hallway and started moving towards it. "Their head weapons researcher summoned me, so I expect to find him thereabouts." Armis followed, still taking in the sights of the Station's decor. Exotic plants and sculptures hailing from all planets and all cultures lined the walkways, and fountains and pillars displayed the wanton wealth of the Consortium. "And you don't have any idea why they asked to see you?" "Not in the slightest, least for now. But if they're willing to trade their goods and weaponry with us, then I can't help but think this meeting is going to go well."

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