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My Key 13 Points For The Off-topic Elections (Including Writing An Actual Constitution)

Good morning/night/afternoon everyone I want to put up a comprehensive list of my policies and promises regarding what I'll do if I become president. As many of you know, I have been working on this list and updating it for all to see since the day I was nominated by my good friend, Texas_Jedi. I personally find points 4, 6, 9, 12, and 13 to be especially interesting. Keep in mind that many of these policies would be in the form of Senate Bills when the Senate would be established so if you disagree with one of these policies keep in mind that point 6 will allow you the chance to disregard other points of mine that may be less attuned to your beliefs or wants. 1 -Rebuilding of the Grand Army of the Republic which has been headed by several great generals. 2 -Abolishment of taxes on everyday life instances such as memes, gifs, YouTube videos, baits, and trolls, and that infamous link ending in [Redacted]. 3 -Giving Guns the complete and total right to keep and bear arms and then modify those arms so that they can carry arms and therefore making guns a much more effective weapon alternative to magic and total atomic annihilation. 4 -Adoption of Nathan Fillion as a secondary patron figurehead of Off-topic after the Master of Molasses. Fillion would become the Patron of Misbehavior. A statue of liberty in the likeness of Fillion would then be construed. 5 -Development of the OT-CEF: The Off-topic Cultural Enrichment Force would be a volunteer force of upvoters who's job is to upvote posts in Off-topic that have the potential to progress Off-topic's goal of world wide recognition and so that we seem active lest the ninjas erase us. Posts like porch day or stories by lesser known writers would be primary targets of tactical bump strikes. 6 -Fully Recognizing the Senate as a Third Branch of Government with midterm elections set inbetween presidential elections. The Chancellor would be the third in line to the presidency and in case of the death, removal, quitting, or total absence of the immediate heirs the Chancellor is awarded emergency powers as head of state.(The Senate was established in the previous administration but due to the tense nature of the happening I believe it would be best to make it official) 7 -More polls for the Senate that will bring the community together around elections. 8 -I will instate a United Nations for all factions of Off-topic to come to the board and talk. I am in talks with an individual who will not be named unless they do choose to work out the details of the U.F. 9 -I will initiate tax cuts on scientific researchers and salt miners/Crusaders by 10%. Unlike real world politicians I have a place to get the money that we lose from less taxes from...In response to lower tax rates I will raise the rate of Crusading and Deus Vulting by 20%.-Holding State of the Union addresses. 10 -Creation of Official Branches with jobs for the respective leaders of the branches. 11 -Increase to the Power of the Judicial Court of Off-topic. 12 -Relief and aid to the temple of Bernthal for any and all repairs needed to fix and/or maintain its premises. 13 -I will write a bloomin' Constitution for Off-topic. === These are all points I believe I can deliver on and many of these policies are things that could produce actual progress and change in Off-topic outside the enjoyment of the mass roleplay and politics which I plan at the same time to further. Deus Vult, Off-topic and [i]keep misbehaving[/i]. [spoiler]Whether I lose or win in this election I want to thank all my fellow candidates for the enjoyable debates and polls we've shared.[/spoiler]

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