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Le Monarque Information Dump

0-5 Runs


6-10 Runs


11-20 Runs


21-30 Runs


31-40 Runs


41-50 Runs


50+ Runs


I'd like to start gathering some information about this exotic so we can start figuring out what our chances are and if there is a specific way to boost our chances getting it. There are a lot of scattered posts regarding this bow between this forum and reddit so compiling info into a solid place would help people better analyze information. The poll question I'd like to ask is if you got it already roughly how many forge runs did you run until it dropped. Also if you'd like please feel free to include the following in the comments: 1.) Which Forge: 2.) Did you have a weapon frame (final step)? 3.) Was the weapon frame for powerful gear? For those that have yet to get it please feel free to put in the comments how many runs you've done so far. Im at roughly 46 between Gofannon and Izanami. If you have any new information please add it as well in the comments. Yes this includes [b]credible[/b] rumors and any proof you can add really helps. So far this is what I've been able to come up with based on my searching and attempts at getting it: Izanami – Confirmed: Image & Video Proof. Gofannon – Confirmed: Image proof. Volundr – Unconfirmed: Rumors people have got it. No proof. • Drops from activity rewards screen right before forge releases weapons. Like any other activity completion exotic reward. • Having a powerful gear weapon frame seems to not be a requirement based on some accounts. • Seems that having a weapon frame (Final Step) can help drop chance. However people are saying they are getting the weapon from the frame and the exotic bow. Also, they drop from different sources (Forge drop vs. Activity Completion drop). This may not have any real effect on drop chance and is coincidence due to people being in the forge in the first place to do a weapon frame. • Max Temper drones have no effect on drop chance. • Killing non-radiant special enemies (I.E. Yellow Health Bar) does not directly or indirectly affect chance. • Does not seem to be a rare bounty powerful gear drop. • No extra steps showing up or being reported to get weapon to drop. • DMG04 on twitter confirmed the weapon is dropping as intended and no investigations are going on regarding it. • DMG04 on twitter could not confirm or deny if a weapon frame was needed or helped drop chance. Bungie is staying tight lipped on this annoyingly. A majority of that information was compiled on a reddit thread that has been linked. Twitter Post from DMG04: EDIT: - Per Zero: Multiple people (10) stated that they had Izanami forge unlocked before the bow dropped. - Per Guardian: Many people who had last week's hand cannon frame got it on their first run. - Per Balderdash1112: "ONLY DEOPS WHEN COMPLETING A BOUNTY. WEAPON FRAMES, ADAS WEEKLY, AND BALLISTIC LOG BOUNTIES HAVE A CHANCE TO DROP IT. DOES NOT DROP ON ITS OWN" "Cause every single video on YouTube and every person I’ve asked has completed one of those 3 bounties when getting the weapon dropped. Which sucks too u can’t grind the forges over and over to get it dropped" - Per A D1 Raid: I did about 10 forge runs without a frame, no bow / Did the bow frame, no exotic. / Did the pulse frame, got the bow.

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