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In Destiny 1? Nightstalker was still the weakest of the supers but at least a tether was a kill shot. Now? It does merely increased damage since the update as a direct hit while the caster is incredibly vulnerable. Not asking for an overshield while the super is being cast. I’m asking for a more lethal tether. At least ONE of them, maybe for Moebius quiver the first tether is a kill shot but the rest are damaging? For the Shadowshot the first shot should definitely kill. I don’t understand Bungie’s logic to not allowing the players to customize the subclass the way they did in D1?? But besides being able to go invisible? Tether is absolutely terrible to useless. I’m speaking on a strictly PVP standpoint. Supernova, Spectral, Hammers, Slam, etc all of them are able to get off that ONE KILL (usually to the caster) before the super activates. It’s slow and flawed... victims usually become untethered and move waaaay too quickly while tethered. The distance they can travel is minimal before the tethered shreds away from them. When Nightstalker was being reintroduced it sounded a lot more powerful than actually playing it and worse than the predecessor games version. It’s “increased radius”— doesn’t feel increased at all. Sometimes when I’m in crucible I’m not even trying to shoot targets directly (that more than not results in being shot out of the sky with tethered enemies shooting the nebulous of the tether —and with a few short shots freeing themselves while team mates are fighting off others). Sometimes I try to shoot around the enemies not at them, or around me to avoid being followed or as a deterrent to distract victims. The way tether feels makes the super an “advanced evasive tactic” rather than what potential it could be used for! I’m not trying to start a Hunter verses Bungie war, or a Hunter main bandwagon — but with the exception of going invisible & the ensnared grenades? A Hunter would probably much rather just run around with an unlimited amount of invisibility and ensnares than ever shoot that ridiculously weak purple string. Nightstalker needs help. The spectral blades isn’t that advancement. And even that’s been adjusted and nerfed two to three times so far (slowed for accuracy, and now that it’s slower?? The damage resistance whilst spectral has been nerfed). A slow moving, less resistance to damage super? Hm. So now two void classes in Hunters that you have to be evasive with whilst using? But I didn’t start this post with the intention of standing up for spectral. I truly want Nightstalker to be something similar to what it was. Shadestep is gone. That dodge hunters have isn’t even truly a dodge. Throw a bone here!!

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