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12/29/2018 3:00:18 AM

Wtf is comp and crucible anymore BIG THREAD

Very long thread/rant/plead, please take time to read and see it from an outside view and try to limit bias to as large an extent as possible. Let's start with the most prevalent stem of many issues found in the crucible: [u]THE SERVERS[/u]. Get dedicated servers, it's been asked since year 2 of d1 and ignored for the best part of 4 years; despite the issues it causes with connections, gameplay and the overall experience. Furthermore, change the servers from p2p to basing from your own servers (can't remember name). Okay now the main annoyance and point of this essay - Competitive. D1 had a comp scene founded off of the players, and was arguably disregarded largely by Bungie for whatever reason; even though it had promise and backing of its main player base. From this we have D2 comp which has turned away from what it was, even going as far to reverse what few steps they had put forward at the beginning - Private matches which I believe were added after demand. Countdown should never has been added, and ruins the comp experience to it's entirety going as far as giving worse players advantages to the point of winning when they shouldn't have a chance due to the pure way the mode plays with especially with the map design. Survival just seems like a downgraded elimination, but doesn't work with the map and heavy usage - speaking of which: WHAT IS GOING ON WITH HEAVY? CHANGE IT! Remove heavy from comp as a whole, that way it bases it off of d1 "comp" and removes the issue of skill-gap reduction which stems from too many issues. Allow only one of each subclass amongst teams, to remove spam of blade barrage or sentinel etc. And make some players play different classes. Remove exotics completely from comp as it can lead to more broken stuff, such as OEM which is stupidly strong but only being "looked at". After 3 months of pure complaints and issued it still remains in- UNCHANGED- but if you want some complaints gone, take exotics out of comp so they aren't as prevalent. [u]OEM[/u] should not be anywhere near what it is, especially in consideration that Wormhusk was hated by the large majority yet something as strong as OEM was introduced and twice as strong. It shouldn't grant health and an overshield only an overshield, with reduced time on the vengeance tracking and how that it can allow you to get an overshield after 20 seconds. It's damage shouldn't stack with increase damage perks such as Memento Mori. [u]SHARDS[/u] should have reduced regen in crucible on solo or double kills, but on triple or more should have increased regen. Maybe think of adding [u]NEGATIVES TO EXOTICS[/u] to make them more risky and add an element of can you utilise more than you lose out. [u]LEGENDARY GEAR[/u] should also have perks specific to activities, which will make them more worthwhile to grind for and go for better roles whilst being accessible to some degree. Now a bit of a change in topic but still about pvp: Sandbox changes. Firstly [u]SPECTRAL BLADES[/u] didn't need what it got, just needed hit reg sorted as do many things such as sentinel super and melee attacks overall. Spectral blades can last twice as long as sentinel, whilst using its light attack repetitively and still get three kills after 20 seconds. Decrease the timer on it, but keep hit reg changes (could be improved) make the forward slash use up more super if spammed. Allow for more in air movement by adding two or more extra slashes to whilst jumped. Maybe add some aspects of D1's "wombo combo" but this would be very slightly since it is already quite viable. [u]SENTINEL[/u] needs better hit reg on its attacks so that way it's not as inconsistent. The shield throw should OHK on first hit then half after it bounces off of an object. The block should also have consistent damage being blocked since it can block a BB but not a Goldie, etc. [u]ARC STAFF[/u] needs improved neutral game buffs all-around, whilst the tempest strike should go where aimed and work when you slide and melee with the attack charged. The deflect shouldn't use as much energy similar to how sentinel can block but doesn't lose as much and doesn't take anyway near as much damage as the deflect which makes no sense. In short buff the deflect. [u]SHOULDER CHARGE[/u] shouldn't OHK nor should handheld supernova since it's limited to certain things, and can be rather stupid with Insta 90° lock on or the ability to peak for a second and get two kills. On this HS point, the animation and outcome is still bugged so you throw a normal grenade even when charged, yet doesn't seem to have been acknowledged. [u]NOVA WARP[/u] should only lose its ability to go through walls otherwise it's not insane, I say this since it can go 2 floors up without charging the attack. [u]NOVA BOMB[/u] I don't have enough playtime on in d2 but seems weak in its current state; just based off of what I've seen. [u]STORMCALLER[/u] is ok but the blink should be able to rival Nova warps especially since it also takes a perk; furthermore, the "increased melee range" should be increased and consistent, I shouldn't be stuck trying to melee and a short range and not be a lemon in the open. [u]DAWNBLADE NEUTRAL GAME[/u] needs an increased neutral game but the movement speed on dawnblade should be reduced or fixed whether it's a bug or intentional it is too fast and thus gains too much power in some aspects since it can take little damage whilst raining hell. [u]STRIKER FOH[/u] shouldn't have such a short timer in comparison to other supers, but also have a slight speed reduction. [u]BLADE BARRAGE[/u] is fine in my opinion but shouldn't be as effective as it is with exotics (Shards) since any exotic with the ability to reduce super cool down shouldn't be that effective - wasn't ever asked for by any of the experienced players, the demographic who should be listened to with reason. Golden gun should be able to one hit any super of someone with an overshield otherwise it's just a slightly stronger sniper with a bit of armour. [u]TETHER[/u] should one hit people (especially since normal bows can) and have a stronger neutral game as it doesn't feel impactful when using. [u]FLINCH IN WEAPONS[/u] shouldn't be what it is, especially since it can flinch primaries as well as heavies and special. [u]4 BURST PULSES AND PULSES OVERALL[/u]need a change (bygones archetype and chattering bone type) should have reduced range, and precision damage as it can do the same job of a scout but is more practical in more situations. [u]ACE OF SPADES[/u] shouldn't have the range it does with the damage output and have significantly less flinch overall. [u]SCOUT RIFLES[/u] need a bit of a damage increase and scope change so it can have more usage and diversity at different ranges. [u]AUTO RIFLES[/u] seem okay to me and seem viable but haven't used them myself very much at all (Never been a fan of them). [u]SNIPERS[/u] should have reduced zoom, and REDUCED FLINCH FROM ALL SOURCES. Increased aerial accuracy as well as increased accuracy out of scope, so bullets go where you want not to some random location just in your scope/marker radius. [u]SHOTGUNS[/u] need to be more consistent like most things on PC shouldn't be tied behind FPS as it is just stupid and increases the chance to trade and RnG in gunfights. Full auto shotguns shouldn't work to the extent the do in crucible since they can out damage a dust rock at range due to the coding or whatever it is that gives them such a large damage output. Full auto shotgun range should be reduced to Fourth Horseman type range, not able to consistently compete with slow RoF shotguns. [u]FUSION RIFLES[/u] need a buff in consistency and ability to be used both defensively and offensively in more situations. Similar to trace rifles but they should have increased range instead to match the playstyle I feel it was envisioned for. [u]BOWS[/u] are quite annoying since you can peak hide and get someone one before they can get you half but, can be used at range or close and over a period of time - not gated to special in comparison to a sniper for example. [u]SWORDS[/u] could use a bit of love with ammo and movement behind it so you aren't as much as sitting duck. [u]SMGs[/u] seem okay when I've faced them, not sure what to change since I don't see them often nor use them. [u]HMG's[/u] are okay but shouldn't have the ammo it has, since it could effectively create a 10 kill streak and lock down a long lane over with little drop off. [u]PRIMARY GRENADE LAUNCHERS[/u] should under no circumstances be able to OHK nor should the quick access sling or whatever work to the extent that you can get hit by a nade then within the same split second get hit by a HC shot with no counter. Furthermore, it's ability to provide ranged zone control within a radius or kill around walls.

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