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God Rolls | What are you looking for?

So I was talking to my friends about what motivates me to play Destiny 2 so much, even though I always tell them that I don't recommend getting it, as roundabout as that may seem. Well my answer is "God Rolls", oh how I love finding a weapon I like, and just getting it over and over until it fits in my hands like a second skin. Or even getting a version of a weapon I hate and actually falling in love with how it handles. So now I pose you a question, what is your god roll? What perks and stats are you looking for, what are you running for next, what kind of toys do you have in your arsenal? Here's a list of my "best friends": [spoiler] Right Side of Wrong: - Devil Scope D2 + Accurized Rounds | Zen Moment + Rampage | Handling Masterwork This baby chews through medium combatants and players in PvP like a hot knife through butter, it's not that good against bosses, but it operates perfectly. (Also have it's twin sister Go Figure with the same perks and masterwork, so if I ever feel a bit more kinetic...) Crooked Fang-4fr: - Hammer Forged Rifling + Projection Fuse | Snapshot Sights + Backup Plan | Stability Masterwork All this range, capable of one shotting minibosses in an instant, those two Abominations in Bay of Drowned Wishes are not even a thing for me. In Gambit this thing should be illegal, well actually no, in Gambit we all play dirty. Anonymous Autumn: - Control SAS + High Caliber Rounds | Full Auto + Rampage | The masterwork on this weapon is handling, which I don't like, but the part and perk rolls make this a beast both in PvE and PvP. Shotgun Apes? Gunned down. Gambit mobs? Gunned down. Easy to use and with an added freehand grip, this baby feels like it does my job for me. Abide the Return: - Jagged Edge + Heavy Guard | Relentless Strikes + Whirlwind Blade | Impact masterwork Ladies and gentlemen Whirlwind + Adaptive frame is pure cheese, stacking damage mid attack, nothing in my arsenal compares to this bad boy except Thunderlord. I'll just change into a Commander Titan, throw a voidwall grenade and make a house under the EP final boss, gaining health from mobs dying while I spam away DPS without a care in the world. In PvP if the enemy team is ever squaded up and I get a killstreak going with this, it's more ammo ontop of more ammo, love this sword. Main Ingredient: - Cleanshot IS + Enhanced Battery | Threat Detector + Rampage | Handling Masterwork When I'm feeling a little bit more techno than other days. Oh you have a Dust Rock Blues or your precious EP Shotgun?. Well come on in and rush me, let's see how these seven sons leave you on the ground. A fun friend to bring up in PvP, [/spoiler]

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