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Buff throwing knives for the Gunslinger subclass

Hey everyone, I played a lot of PVP this last week because of Iron Banner + 2x or 3x valor. I also reset my valor rank for the first time this season thanks to this. I main arc strider mostly, but ever since getting shards of Galanor in a strike this Friday, I've been more active with Gunslinger in PVP than before. So, here's what make me realized how underpowered throwing knives are: Sentinel titan was rushing towards me, I use my Cerberus+1 to lower his health into the red bar, I throw my fan of knives, 60 damage to the head and I get killed by the shield bash should charge. Most of you would say "What? Why my throwing knife didn't kill him? Even a regular melee would've kill a guardian in the redbar zone" That's the point. Having throwing knife, at this point, in my kit feels like a waste of an ability. With [b]arc strider[/b], I have a melee that can let me regenerate health, or disorient my enemy, or prime/ kill them reliably with the arc staff slide uppercut when they are in the red bar zone+ hit/kill more people with it. With [b]nightstalker[/b], the smoke bomb is so versatile. It can disorientate enemies with smoke and their radar, prime them and even make our teammate invisible. With [b]gunslinger[/b], I feel I'm giving up my melee ability utility of the other 2 subclass for a lackluster, no damage fallout paper slap that kill 1 guardian in every moon cycle. Plus, it doesn't have any team play component in it. I'm not asking for 1 hit kill throwing knife. That'll be absurd. Here's what I propose: [b][u] Buffing the throwing knife damage[/u][/b] The throwing knife can 1 hit kill only when an enemy guardian has his shield lowered. Or, hitting a full health guardian with a throwing knife will lower his shield. [u] [b]Buff throwing knife speed and/or hitbox[/b][/u] Make the throwing knife more snappy and reliable. Warlocks electric ball and titan shoulder charges registration are reliable. Please level our playing field. [u][b] Buff our team when we use our throwing knife to hit/kill an enemy[/b][/u] An cut down on our team melee charge cooldown/ faster ability recharge rate for our teammates when we hit or kill an enemy with our throwing knife would be nice. It'll make us, hunters, value this ability more since it'll help our team. [u][b]In summary[/b][/u] I'm simply asking to bring some of the subclasses, such as the Gunslinger in this case, up to par with the other subclasses. True Vanguard video brought up some pretty interesting points as well. If you got some ideas or opinion to share or other subclasses you feel are left in the cold, please feel free to comment below. Have a nice day!

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