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Your App SUCKS!-----And Everyone is sick of it-----You are alienating your customers.

As I am writing this the app has been down for hours for the entire world. Third party apps that use your api are also down due to your server errors. Even on a day when the app isn't down for hours it usually takes two or three or more tries before pages on the app will load, especially during peak hours. The app is essential to the game experience. We find fireteams, and communicate with our clan, and manage our gear with the app. There are many apps made by just a few people or even just one person that run smoother, are more functional, and have better UI than your app. Ishtar Commander is a prime example. That app is made and maintained by just ONE guy. Maybe you should hire that dude to work on your app. The app clearly does not have enough server support. The server capacity needed for the app to run smoothly must be minuscule compared to the server capacity needed to run the game. Why are you nickel and diming the app? EVERYBODY is sick of your poorly performing app. You are presumably saving some relatively small amount of money by not having adequate in house app development staff and supporting the app with the bare minimum of servers. For that small amount of money you are saving you are negatively impacting the gaming experience of millions of your customers in a huge way. Your refusal to pay for enough server capacity for your app and your game is a huge joke/gripe within the entire gaming community. Even my friends that don't play Destiny know about the issues. Some huge gaming magazine and/or website is going to eviscerate you on this sooner rather than later and you will deserve every word and all the bad press and all the lost sales. Hire another person to work on the app, rent some more server capacity, fire the person who handicapped the app in the first place. I DARE you to reply to this Bungie. Make this the NUMBER 1 POST in feedback! VOTE! COMMENT! Destiny will never put the game entirely on dedicated servers or get rid of the micro-transactions, lots of it. But they could fix the app for A SMALL AMOUNT OF MONEY relative to their overall budget. P.S. In response to people who say that if you don't like the app then just don't use it and stop complaining I would like to point out AGAIN that Bungie chose to make the app essential to the game. Bungie chose to put fireteam matchmaking/LFG, clan communication and management, and gear management in the app instead of the game. They could have put those features in the game instead or put them in both but they chose to put them in just the app. You can't choose to not use the app if you want to to anything that requires a clan or a fireteam, which is the majority of end game activities. And yes, you can use third party apps to manage your gear, but even those apps don't always run smoothly and often go down completely because Bungie will "throttle the API due to heavy player volume", translation: Bungie does not support their app or api with enough server capacity. There is no Bungie fan boy argument that can excuse Bungie consistently having to throttle their api due to a lack of server capacity. It isnt just a once in a while thing, the app runs slowly or not at all for long periods of time almost every single day. I will end the post by saying: 1. The app is a great idea but it needs to work consistently. Give it the server support it needs. 2. It would be nice if the app had more options and functionality. There should be more categories in LFG like separate categories for Leviathan raids and Dreaming City raids and sending invites should be easier. There should be more tools for clan management, many good suggestions have been made in other posts. The gear management section of the app is awful but at least you allow for the third party apps on that. 3. All of the features in the app should be in game as well. The app should be an optional second screen.

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