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[PC ONLY] Apexus Deft is recruiting active and competent players who fit well in our growing community! (Discord Partnered!)

[b]Apexus Deft - 1621 people in our discord and 521 [u]active[/u] clan members![/b] I'm going to start out by saying that ever clan's definition of the word [u]active[/u] is different. It's very easy to say your clan is active, but much harder to prove it. The only way I know how to define the word is with data, so if you read the "Random Stats" section, you'll see just how active APX is. [url=]Join our discord partnered server now![/url] [b] Clans:[/b] * [url=]Apexus Deft[/url] * [url=]Apexus Deft Division 2[/url] * [url=]Apexus Deft Division 3 [/url] * [url=]Apexus Deft Division 4[/url] * [url=]Apexus Deft Division 5[/url] * [url=]Apexus Deft Division 6[/url] [b]System[/b] * [b]PC ONLY![/b] [b]Location [/b] * Most of us are in the US, but we have members from all over. [b]Play times:[/b] * Primarily at night in the US, but we have people active at all hours of the day and night. [b]About us: [/b] * We are a Destiny 2 community full of relaxed gamers who just want to have fun in the game. 5 of our clans are casual in the sense that there are no skill requirement. Anyone is welcome to join them as long as you're active in the discord and the game, but we do prefer those who want to raid. Our sherpa team is more than willing to teach anyone normal raids and prestige raids. [b]Because our activity requirements are primarily based on discord voice chat usage, we likely have the most active PC only discord server. During prime US times, it has more active users than clans two to fifty times our size.[/b] * For those who want more, we have a semi-hardcore clan as our premier division. Elitism is not tolerated here. Our casual clan members are just as much a part of the community as you might become. In order to get into our premier division, you need to be capable of [u][b]completely obliterating[/b][/u] prestige raids without game breaking exploits [b]or[/b] have a 1.25KD/1.75EFF in competitive crucible. For the PVP path, you will be tested in comp/trials matches to see how well you work with our current members. For the PVE path, once you have completed the minimum number of raid clears, you can start your trial and our members will test your abilities in prestige raids. [b]Random stats:[/b] - 84% of our members have completed at least one raid. - 58% of our members have completed 5 or more raids. - The average number of raids per person is 22.36. - The average number of raids for a div 1 member is 79.34. - Our members have completed a grand total of 10530 raids. - [b]Our max number of users in discord voice channels at the same time is [u]71[/u]. We've had a total of 217 people active in voice chat during a single day.[/b] ---[url=]Here's a graph showing daily activity summaries for our discord server[/url]. ---[url=]Here's a graph showing hourly summaries so you can see the most active times of the day[/url]. - On a weekly basis, our members spend an average of 5.7 hours in our discord's voice chats with other people and 13.56 hours in game. On average, our div 1 members spent about four times as long in our voice chats when compared to the average user. [b]Requirements:[/b] * You play on PC!!!! * You have all Destiny 2 expansions. * We aren't necessarily 18+ only, but you are required to act and sound like you are an adult. * You play nice with others. * [u][b]We are a gaming community so using our discord is a hard requirement. We track everyone's discord activity so we can perform discord based inactivity checks. Those who are not active are removed from the clan.[/b][/u] * In addition to the discord requirement, our clan's inactivity policy is that you have completed 5 team based activities in the past 2 weeks. [b]How to join:[/b] * Upvote this thread! * Join our [url=]discord[/url] and read through the [b]#recruitment-info[/b] channel and the [b]#rules[/b] that link from there. If it sounds like a community you'd like to be a part of, post in the [b]#request-an-invite-here[/b] channel and someone in our leadership will get you in. * If you are looking to get into our premier division, read through the division 1 rules in [b]#rules[/b] and contact a division 1 officer or the division 1 leader (me). * If you just want to be a member in our discord that is also fine. Simply set your server nickname to your battletag and our bot make you a server guest and give you your raider roles (if you qualify) within 12 hours. [url=]Join our discord partnered server now![/url] Disclaimer: We're in the middle of a kick cycle so all statistics exclude those who will be removed from the clan this week.

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