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Viribus 1. A Destiny Story. Chapter 1 "The Burning City/L5"

I'm currently writing an ongoing series in the Destiny Universe where my guardian isn't the one who defeated Oryx, Crota, Atheon, The Black Garden, etc... yours is. If you haven't read the prologue i suggest you start there. [b][u]Prologue[/u][/b] [b][u]CHAPTER 1 “ The Burning City/L5"[/b][/u] “ What could the Guardian possibly want with us that he is incapable of doing himself?” Much to the dismay of Dairo, the Exo had not stopped asking questions since they returned on board. She was now beginning the procedure to start up her ship which was a Dusk Harrier Class A Model. If there was one thing she enjoyed as much as clearing the wilds of creatures from the Darkness, it was flying into the depths of space. Sometines she wondered who were the first to travel in to Space. Laira-2 already knew Qiao, Hardy, and Mihaylova were the first to meet the Traveler. But who were the first to travel into space before the Golden Age? What went through their mind when they left the safety and comfort of Earth? “ I don't know Laira, but Ikora said it was urgent. She wanted me to gather the rest of Viribus 1 so we could all be briefed together. Of course, Oli had a run in with the LCSF and is currently detained. You on the other hand had gone dark. Finally was able to track you down and, well… here I am”. Laira-2 pulled the lever down to release the anchor clamps and flipped the main thruster switch. She felt the hum beneath her feet as the ship began to rise into the air. Of course Oli had gotten in trouble with the Last City Security Force again. That Titan is usually either in jail or in the crucible. Laira-2 was unsure if he would ever learn. “Ghost, set auto pilot for the tower. No scenic routes this time either. “ She turned around and climbed back behind the pilots seat through the short corridor leading to the main cabin. To her right was a few storage lockers. The guardian removed her Stillpiercer off her back and leaned it against the locker. Dairo was directly in front of her sitting comfortably along the bench. To her left were the weapon and armor lockers along with a small modding station. There was a small hatch that led down towards the engine. She usually didn’t go down there since it was a such a tight fit. “This guardian has taken out gods Dairo. Literal Gods. Oli was part of the raid team that took down Crota-" “Yeah, he will never let us forget it.” Dairo added. “ As I was saying, Oli was part of the raid team that brought down Crota and avenged the thousands of slain guardians on the moon, and even he was impressed and in awe with what the Guardian did. “ Dairo just shrugged. She couldn’t blame Oli though. This Guardian was a living legend. Oryx. Crota. Atheon. Calus. Aksis. The Black Garden. Xol. Literally every big bad that had threatened the universe, the guardian had been a part of and shut down. Laira-2 had never met the Guardian before. All she knew was that he was accomplished and that he didn’t talk much. She felt a little bit of anxiousness. “Well, we have a few hours before we reach the city. I’m going to catch some rest for a little bit if that’s okay with you Dairo.” “ For you anything.” Dairo said with a wink as he hopped off the bench and made his way to the cockpit. Laira-2 ignored the obnoxious warlock and sat against the cold hard steel bench as she removed her boots. The question still hung their in her head. What did the Guardian and Vanguard want with Viribus 1? Why was it so urgent that Dairo needed to come out to the Forbidden zone to find her? So many questions. Her head raced with possible answers as her eyes shut and she drifted off to sleep.. +++ [i] Laira-2's shields flickered and then burned out. She fired blindly at the approaching horde as she took cover behind a pile of debris next to a crumbled building. Her heart was racing. An explosion went off to her left as she shielded herself from the blast and was tossed to the side like a rag doll. She was covered in smut, rock, and rubble. She heard nothing but a small ringing that gradually started increasing in sound as she tried to make sense of what just happened.. Then there was screaming. The building she was a few feet away from before was now in flames. The screams. They were coming from inside the structure. She began pushing herself up when a centurion came over her. The Cabal warrior looked down upon the injured Guardian. With as much strength as she could muster she reached for her handcannom that was just slightly out of reach. The centurion looked at her, then the hand cannon, and placed all of its weight on the Hunters arm, practically crushing it from the immense pressure. Laira-2 cried out in pain and rolled on her back. She looked up towards the last city. Buildings as far as they eye could see were ablaze. The bodies of guardians, civilians, and defense bots alike were scattered through the streets. The sky was a blood orange with city ships, cabal ships, and civilian transports flying through the smoke. And the Traveler… the Traveler had an immense attachment on it. She looked back to the Cabal and stared down the barrel off the aliens projection rifle. Suddenly the Centurion was hit with what almost looked like a bolt of lightning. The 1,200 lb creature was knocked to the side, rage and confusion washed over it as it looked upon its attacker. Laira-2 looked up to the Titan who was wearing the ceremonial armor as she was. It was Leiand-5. Her best friend and the only other Exo she got a long with. He had come just in time. He had no weapons, his armor was in tatters, but as all Guardians know. A Titan is a weapon himself. The Cabal Roared and produced its gauntlet blade. Behind it 2 other Legionaries rounded the corner and joined their commander. The Titan suddenly flashed and erupted in a ball of light. When the flash subsided Leiand -5 was covered in electricity. Jumps of current and Lightning surrounded the Titan. He paced a few steps then ran straight for the Cabal. Laira-2 knew that the cabal were no match for the striker. She picked herself up and began walking towards her hand cannon as her shield began to slowly recharge. “ Something's wrong” warned her ghost. Then suddenly. He was silent. The hunter felt it immediately. Her ghost dropped to the floor next to where she had just fallen to her knees. She felt weak, as if her soul had been ripped from her body. She was confused. What happened? She turned to her comrade and was at a loss for words at what she saw. The once invincible Titan was now helpless a mere 2 feet from the Cabal warriors. He was on his arms and knees reaching for his ghost. The Legionnaire placed its entire foot on the ghost and crushed it instantly. The Titan winced then looked up at the Centurion in front of him. The Centurion grabbed the fallen Titan by the neck and lifted him in the air. The titan punched and kicked at the cabals massive arm but each blow made no difference. Laira-2 looked in horror as the cabal turned the Titan to face her. She looked upon her friend.. her brother. Even in the grimmest moments the Titan looked brave and steady. The cabal grabbed the top of the exos head and ripped it straight off the shoulders and tossed the pieces to opposite sides. “NOOOOO!!!” Laira-2 rolled to her right and grabbed the Last Word . The legionnaires took aim with their slug rifles. But with adrenaline or perhaps luck the Exo fired two shots in succession Before they could fire and fell headless to the ground. She pulled the trigger at the last centurion who was still standing in the same place as before. -click- Empty. The Cabal marched towards her and grabbed her by her crippled arm. It looked at her with disgust and for the first time since she was brought back to life, the Cabal looked at her as unworthy. It drew its Gauntlet blade and readied to cut her in half. But the Hunter was quick. She kicked the Cabal with as much force as she could conjure and knocked him back a couple inches. Freeing herself from its grasp. Immediately she rolled towards the Cabal, grabbed her throwing knife from her thigh, and pushed it up through the bottom of its jaw. It let out a cry in pain. A gurgle. And then fell to the ground. Dead. She collapsed. Her energy was gone. She looked at the titans body, then to the shattered remains of his ghost, to the burning city, then lastly to the traveler. She felt helpless. She felt scared. And she felt angry. Is this how they felt during the great collapse? Defeated? No. She will not be defeated. She was a survivor. She was a hunter. She was a guardian. And she would get her vengeance. It may not be today, or tomorrow, or next year. But the Cabal would pay for what they had done and she would make their leader pay. Or she would kill as many Cabal as she could trying. She turned towards the exit of the city. She picked up her ghost. And she walked. Today was not the day, but the day would come. [/i] +++ “ Laira. LAIRA. Wake up. We're here. “ Laira-2 woke up. She didn’t sweat but she didn’t have to. As many times as she relived that moment she always felt the same way. Dairo was shaking her shoulder. She glanced down at her forearm. What once was smooth matching metal was now a rusted replaced carbon fiber. Etched into the component was L5. She traced her finger along the initials. She hadn't forgotten. “ Laira. Laira are you okay?” the warlock asked, obviously confused by her demeanor. “I'm fine Dairo. Lets go find Oli. We have work to do.” [b]END CHAPTER 1[/b] Quick Shoutout to Clone148 for helping me with editing!

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