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What if your Guardian wasn't the Guardian who slayed all the gods? A Destiny Story.

I've decided I'm going to write a separate story in the Destiny universe where my guardian is NOT the guardian who took on all these gods. Constructice criticism is welcomed. Depending on the feedback I might continue posting these. For a look at what these characters look like take a look at each class respectively. Thanks! - Fluff [b]PROLOGUE[/b] It must have been at least 170° outside. The sun was blistering down its heat upon the Exo, she could almost hear the sizzling and blistering of her armor as the subtle winds continuously blew dirt and dust into her scope. She was mildly uncomfortable. But at the same time there was no where else she would rather be. Breathe in. Breathe out. Hold. -BANG- The Acolytes head vanished into a cloud of darkness as the rest of his group were taken aback by the sudden demise of their brethren. They started searching for where the shot came from. They were near a cliffs edge. And mountainous terrain and ravines were high above them in all directions but behind. She chuckled. Most guardians and civilians, aside from other exos, believed that she could not feel any heat. That since she looked like a robot, she must not feel anything like a robot. She adjusted her shoulder guard and gave a quick flick of the wrist to stretch and adjusted the range on her scope. She looked down the sight for her next target. In. Out. Hold. -BANG- A Knight dropped to his knees and collapsed upon the desert floor. The remaining Acolytes took cover behind a few large boulders. Sigh. She hated that a part of civilization looked at her in that way. That she was incapable of feeling. Of hurting. Of love. But she did love. She loved being out in the system, away from the crowded streets of the Last City. She loved the dust and the dirt that wedged itself between the crevices of her armor. And she loved clearing the wilds of the creatures that have taken the lives of many civilians and guardians alike. -BANG- An Acolyte poked his head out just a little too far. A mistake he will never get the chance of making again. She did not like being in the common patrol grounds located on Mars that a lot of guardians frequented. Most of the time she would like to keep to her self and be that cliché young wolf of a hunter. The only time she had company is when she managed to convince Dairo to stop hitting on women or managing to drag Oli out of the bar on the tower, if he was sober enough to be of some use. In all honesty, she didn’t give the Oli enough credit. He may have been a drunken fool, but he was among one of the Guardians on the fireteam that destroyed Crota many years ago. He was a solid Titan, but if she was the cliché lone wolf, he was the cliché arrogant Titan. After the raid he became even more full of himself. To the point where he would drink himself stupid then make a fool out of himself one too many times. She had bailed him out of jail a couple times now. Glimmer that he swears he is going to pay her back some day. Yeah that stupid son of- -BANG- An Acolyte had spotted her on top of the Ravine and fired a void blast from its soulfire rifle. She fired a shot in return but it had just missed. The element of surprise was gone. “Well, I guess it's time to go introduce myself.” Good lord. A cheesy one liner? she thought to herself… she had been out here too long. “Ghost. How long have we been out here?" Her ghost appeared as if almost out of thin air. She never took the liberty to naming him like some Guardians. Ghost seemed a good enough name for them both. "We've been out here for 16 days, 09 hours, 19 minutes, 13 seconds…. 14 seconds… 15 seconds." She holstered her sniper rifle on her back and drew out her hand cannon. She traced the barrel with the tip of her glove. Feeling the indentation along the barrel through it. Tex Machanica… The Last Word was by far her favorite weapon. Despite the past that came with it . She jumped down off the ravine and took off in a mad sprint towards the remaining Hive, her cloak flowing behind her. She counted 4 Acolytes remaining, possibly some thrall.. Their confusion was all but gone when they saw the Hunter racing towards them. They drew their rifles and took aim. The Hunter smiled. She could feel the energy building inside her. A spark that was ready to ignite. She – A ship appeared coming in straight from behind the group of Hive beyond the cliffs edge. At first she thought it was a Hive ship bringing in reinforcements. Turns out it was a Guardians ship. But why would a Guardian ship be out here this far in the forbidden zone… I'm gonna kill him she thought to herself. The Hive soon had the same idea. They turned and began firing on the Guardians ship. Suddenly a Guardian appeared out of Transmat on top of the ship that was heading towards them. These hive were desperately trying blow the ship out of the sky . He sprung into thr air and before she could yell a curse at the Warlock he unleashed a might nova bomb that instantly disintegrated all the Hive.. She sighed. “What the hell are you doing here Dairo? Did you put another tracker on my cloak?!?!” she said, as she checked her cloak. Dairo was a sneaky and cunning Warlock. He could have possibly made good hunter. He didn’t study the archaic ways much like other Warlocks. But he was probably the smartest warlock she knew. Besides Ikora. But she didn't really [i]know[/i] her. “Why the long face my friend? Did I spoil your fun? And no, I did not track you this time by the usual means. I know you like to be out in the forbidden zone and it only took me listening in on your ghosts frequency channel to see where you’d start trouble next. “ he jumped off the ship in front of the Hunter and grabbed her shoulder. “It's good to see you, Laira.” She chuckled,, the Awoken Warlock had this incredible charisma to him. He had medium length blue hair that he kept combed behind. He had soft blue skin and piercing green eyes. He had a smile that could stop a thrall in its tracks. The thing about Dairo is that he knew it too. And would try to woo over any female he came across. Including one time with her. Which he failed miserably. Still It was almost impossible to be angry with him. Almost. She swung and popped him hard on the nose. “Ever heard of the phrase, stealing my lightning, Dairo?” Dario grabbed his nose and took a few steps back. He took a quick glance at the blood on his wraps, then at Laria, and smiled. “Ooo, you're going to regret that Laira. And its stealing my thunder. We need to go pick up Oli. I’m pretty sure he is behind bars again. But we are being given a special assignment. “ Dairo said cooly. “I'm not taking another stupid patrol assignment from the Vanguard.” She fired back. She would rather be out here in the forbidden zones than whatever the Vanguard came up with. “Trust me Laira, you're going to want to hear this assignment. Its- “ “No Dairo, unless it’s a mission from the Guardian himself. I -" “LAIRA. Shut up, this is coming straight from the Vanguard and the Guardian. As in THE Guardian.” You mean.. she thought. He must have been reading her thoughts “Yes. Atheon. Crota. Oryx. Aksis. Ghaul. Xol. Calus. THAT Guardian. “ Feelings. She felt them. Anxiousness. Excitement. Fear. Whatever it was. It was big. The Guardian was truly a legend. She had heard stories of this Guardian and his fireteam destroying gods. What could he possibly want with them? There was only one way to find out. “ Lets go.” END PROLOGUE. [b]Chapter 1[/b]

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