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Legends Origins Chapter 8: Silas

The man, now known to me as Silas, casually walked towards us hands in his pockets. I didn't even know warlock robes had pockets. He jumped over a rock and landed in a crouching position. He suddenly just got serious, and looked like he was ready to get down to business. He summoned a strange rifle to his hands. It was a shade of dark green, the design looked similar to a pulse rifle but with a weird ring around the barrel that occasionally glowed with a blue energy. I raised an eyebrow at the odd weapon. "Just what kinda rifle is that?" Someone asked, beating me to it. Silas didn't answer and instead turned around firing into the ranks of fallen who were now getting their bearings after his last attack. His shots reminded me that we were in the middle of an invasion and I turned around and fired at the fallen coming out of the left side. I looked over to Carolina to see that she had an Omolon hand canon, and was firing with deadly accuracy at the fallen. "Kings Baron, leading an assault on the right side!" Someone yelled, snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked over to see a captain, who I assumed was the baron, leading a squad of vandals just right of Carolina. I aimed at the captain when a something rushed by me, towards the baron. It was Silas. The captain seemed to accept whatever challenges Silas offered by rushing him, and drew his two shock blades, charging to meet him halfway. The captain slashed at Silas' head. Silas dodged under it, grabbing the captain's wrist and putting his palm on its elbow. The captain stabbed Silas in his stomach with its other sword, yet Silas didn't even flinch. Silas pushed his palm on his elbow, bending it the wrong way and breaking it. The captain cried out in pain as Silas dropped and rolled to the other side, grabbing the Barons' shock blade on the way. He stood up, sword in his right hand, and turned towards the Baron. I watched all of this out of the corner of my eye, as I was still focused on the ever growing hordes of fallen rushing towards us. The captain stabbed at Silas. Silas blocked the blade with his own, and twirled both of their swords around until he could stab the Baron in the forearm. The Baron cried out again, dropping his second blade. The Baron reached for his shock pistol, with his second right arm, and pointed it at Silas. Silas did nothing for a few seconds, and they just stood their. Then the shock pistol flew out of the Barons hand, breaking several fingers in the process, and hovered in mid-air. Silas grabbed it out of the air and shot three shots into the captain's chest. The arc bolts were stopped by his thick armor, but the Baron still backed up from the impact. Silas dropped the pistol and his sword came swinging through the air. The sword found its way into the Baron's neck. The sword stuck halfway into the Baron's neck, not going all the way through. The captain gurgled and reached out towards Silas with its last arm. Silas sliced again, his sword going all the way through his neck this time. The vandals he was leading recoiled in shock as their captain's head hit the ground. I didn't see what happened next as I was missing too many shots and had to focus on the threat in front of me. It was chaos. I heard something in the woods, like thumping, and several trees fell over in the distance. Then, just as suddenly as when it started, it stopped. Something was off though. I suddenly realized what it was. I looked down at my chest to see a red laser in the center. I looked back towards the woods to see a canon sticking out from behind a few trees farther back. "Look out!" Someone tackled me from my side. We blinked mid tackle and landed behind a rock several yards away as the rock I was previously hiding behind was obliterated by an explosion. Losing the element of surprise, the walker came out of the woods knocking several trees over in the process. "Got no respect for nature, huh," someone joked. "The hell? How'd that thing get past the city hawks?" Another questioned. "Those idiots should stop arguing," the person who had saved me said. I turned to them to see Carolina peeking over the rock. The walker was firing mortar rounds at Silas as he ran towards the rest of us. He slid behind a rock and finally spoke up. "Anyone got a plan to take that thing down?" He asked calmly, with something playing in the background. Was Everyone muttered their collective no's to his question and I heard him sigh. "Do I have to do everything myself?" That was definitely music I was hearing in the background of his comms when he said that. Silas rolled over his cover, and charged towards the walker, "Keep it distracted!" He yelled as he ran. I wondered what he was doing, but didn't argue and began to shoot at its legs with the others. As he charged his hands grew 10 inch blades of flame from his wrist up. His own personal blowtorch. The walker fired at us, and didn't even notice Silas charging towards it. The fallen on the battlefield shot at him, yet none of them were good enough to hit him. Or was it something else? Silas dropped to his knees and slid underneath the walker when he got close enough. As he slid under it, he held his hand up, burning through the underneath of its armor in a straight line. As Silas stopped on the other side, he wasted no time in turning around, crossing his arms, and bringing them down. When his did that the walkers armor opened up along the line he had carved. He got on his knees again and shot twin bursts of flame from his outstretched hands. It was a technique used by sun singers sometimes, to shoot fire at the cost of super energy. The flames roiled inside the walker, and we saw as flames came out of the cracks in its armor. Silas was burning it from the inside out. Soon, it was covered entirely by flames and collapsed to the ground. Silas dropped his hands to his side, clearly exhausted, and stood up. Carolina blinked next to him, them brought him back to another piece of cover. I joined in on the cheers the other guardians were making before I saw it. Two dozen skiffs. All heading this way. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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