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4/7/2018 7:37:57 PM

Crafting Mechanic Concept

Context (ever since the CoO reveals stream involving the Forge, I've been dreaming of potential Concepts for a future Crafting System. However, we all know The Forge was, not necessarily bad, you can have your own opinion on that, for me, it wasn't what I expected and could've been better. So with that, here is my concept of a reworked crafting system, Perk loud outs, progression and even an idea for a revamped Masterwork) So to begin, I have to say, I've invested over 200 hours in games like Monster Hunter and Warframe (which is cute compared to most hardcore players) so some of these ideas are spin-offs of crafting system found in those games. Now then, first things first, the location of this Forge/Crafting would be in the Tower. This Vendor would be located to the left of the courtyard. On the other side of the bridge in a little room where you can find two frames standing, doing nothing. In this room, a new NPC would be added to the tower, (to unlock this NPC will be explained later). Next, how Crafting works, the player would be fairly simple. By collecting Planetary materials and drops from enemies (Vex chrome, Cabal scale, Hive spine, Fallen Arm, Taken Shard - or something along these lines), these would drop from common enemies however in the case of Strike Bosses and even Raid bosses, very rare Material drops. With these, you could bring them to the Crafting Vendor and after several hours of waiting, the weapon or even armor would be built to be used. These weapons and armor would have unique abilities based on what enemy was used in building it. The entire process would cost 50 (maybe more) legendary shards and based on the complexity of the weapon materials, the more hours and shards it would cost to build with the strongest weapons costing 300 shards and taking 3 days to complete. Example - Vexoglass (Exotic) Model (if the Sleeper Simulant and a baby with the Vex Mythoglass) Time to complete (72 hours - 350 legendary shards) Liner Fusion Rifle - Perks, Timeless Charge (has no charge time), Paradox (deals 30% more damage to vex enemies), Timeline Reboot - instantly reloads a portion of the magazine after killing a Vex enemy) Not Exactly Reskins - The Weapon models of all crafted Weapons would be the same excluding the Exotics, these models would be the Omolon, Hakke, and Soros we all know but would be upgraded with unique features to make them all more unique and interesting. (think WotM Omolon weapons, same frame but with different features built overtop making them unique.) Rerolling Random Perks - This following part may prove to be controversial but I strongly believe Random rolls should return but in a more controlled manner than Destiny 1. How this would work for weapons that already are found in our vaults, we can, if we choose, bring our old weapons to this Vendor to 'Reforge" our old guns, completely rerolling all the perks on the gun for a hefty amount of shards. after that, you can only reroll one perk on the gun at a time for a hopefully better roll. Each player can only completely reroll a gun once a week, this will keep players from standing hours in front of the vendor for that one overpowered god roll. If this seems too strict the other potential solutions include, increasing the number of shards for a complete reroll to, even more, making the complete reroll a heavy investment or allowing players a complete reroll ever couple hours with the time needed to wait after each reroll scaling up (2ed reroll - 30 mins, 3 reroll - 1 hour, 4 - 2 hours and so on) the following example is how to reroll a single perk Example (Origin Story) Magazine, Sight, and Trait. You would select one of the following three, Magazine, next we would be asked to choose which one of the two options to we want to reroll, Flared Magwell or Appended Mag. Once one is chosen and confirmed, the perk is changed to another one from the selections of auto rifle Magazine perks. of course for this, for this to work, more perks would have to be added to the game overall. In the case of traits on guns, instead of completely removing whatever perk existed on the gun, to begin with, a second trait would be added. (however, this feature is only available at Rank 5 of Forge) Ranks - This vendor, like all others coming in the, may update/DLC will get vendor ranks. however unlike those vendors who honestly don't do anything, this vendor's Ranks will allow the player to use new features with every rank. The first rank allowing the player to only craft Blue level gear that drops to your level. Rank 2-3 would allow for the crafting of legendary level gear, will each Rank unlocking new guns which each taking more time to forge than the ones in the Rank before. Rank 4 unlocks new guns, the complete reroll feature (as before that, players could only reroll one perk in their tree at a time) and the ability to upgrade Guns (more on that later). Rank 5 would unlock the most powerful guns the ability to craft Exotic weapons. Upgrading Weapons - This feature involves Masterworks and Leveling. To put it simply, Masterwork weapons and armor would gain an exp chart, as the Masterwork item levels up, it would unlock new perks, and even boosting the stat bonus awarded by the Masterwork feature. (Example 10% magazine size gets increased to 15% magazine size and so on). Armor would act the same way, awarding actual perk bonuses like (increased ammo reserves for all weapons by 5%,10%,15% Etc) you could even merge Mods 2.0 with this feature. This would be less about the Forge Vendor and more just about the Masterworks not being quite enough. That being said, another solution I have is to be able to upgrade weapons (just like Monster Hunter) as in you collect enough parts from an enemy, you can fuse that part/material on to your gun giving it a bonus and a passive ability. (Example - Better Devils fused with a Hive Skull, grants the perk "Hive Ritual" where killing Hive grants increased damage towards Hive enemy, stack x3) Not only making your Gun beyond powerful but it will also create a connection to your weapon that is meaningful. These "Upgrades" would also change the design of the weapon, even if just a little, imagine Better Devil getting some Hive flesh fused onto its barrel or even just a sickly green aura around it whenever you inspect the gun. Of course, you would also be able to change the name of the weapon to anything you want. that being said, if you are killed by one of these weapons in Crucible, the weapon name would read the same as it always has. In conclusion, these are some ideas I've had since the Curse of Osiris reveal stream and have been thinking about and elaborating on. I understand Destiny as a franchise is a first-person shooter with RPG and MMO elements sprinkled in but if Bungie wants this game to become a hobby and be more than just something we play for a couple hours a week, if that, they're going to need to invest in some heavy RPG and MMO elements, and I'm not a game developer, I don't know if anything I said is at all realistic or even possible with the state Destiny 2 is in at the moment however I still wanted to share because I know Destiny can be great, and if you agree it can be too, an upvote would be greatly appreachiated and who knows, hopefully someone on th etop can see this and start taking notes. Thank you again for your time in reading this, I know its a lot but I've had a lot on my mind on how I would want to improve the game and id love to read your suggestions for ways to improve the game.

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