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Bungie, I have the answer!

Dear Bungie, staff and leaders. I would like to take a moment to address the massive elephant in the room. So let me just lay it out there. The direction, and changes you have choose for Destiny 2 were wrong. Big changes need to happen to save this sinking ship. The changes you should be implementing are the ones your community has SCREAMING across all of your forums. Keep in mind i loved Destiny 1 and Knew without even a second though that Destiny 2 would be even better. That's why I am writing this because I want Destiny 2 to live up to the sequel, it should be. Eververse it's the only thing you see right now, like a virus infecting every tread of every post. In the aftermath of the EA debacle, there is no conceivable way you should have let the Dawning event play out the way it did. Bad call on your part. So let me clarify this for you. This is the only acceptable way it works (read very slow and loud for proper affect) MICROTRANSACTION ARE O.K. AS A SHORT CUT, TO SAID TRANSACTION, BUT SAID TRANSACTION MUST BE ABLE TO BE EARNED IN GAME THROUGH GRINDING! No matter what. Keep in mind, TO much of a grind will leave people very frustrated, and weighing the task as not worth their time and effort. The drop rate on dawning gear from game play is like trying to win the powerball, unacceptable. The Crackdown is coming 4 these loot box, and microtransactions. You can see it looming on the horizon flooding every form of communications online and in the gaming world. Their calling it as it's is ( gambling ) and taking advantage of people that are under the age of 21. Restrictions are not far off. You have a choice either a sit back ride it out, and suck every last dollar out of every unsuspecting victim you possibly can. Or rise up to be the example you're supposed to be, in this Gaming Community. Your name is BUNGIE. Hold a press conference let the world know that Bungie is going to be the perfect model of microtransactions in The Gaming World. Be proactive and your fans will come back, they will stand behind you once again. I'm an active player but I can't always get to my system, and if there's a way that I can use eververse in case I'm not able to obtain everything that I need to in an event, I would be willing to do that. Other less active players would do the same. This big of a change may even need the removal of Tess and even the name eververse. Different name, different vender. Use the above all caps model for every thing in that store. Better then D1 not worse! Destiny 2 does not feel like a sequel! Sequel have more options, more guns, more FUN things to do, and it should make you feel more powerful. Let me start with the weapon difference. In D1 we had rollable stats with a good number of stats to choose from, but now in D2 i have to grind forever for master works that give me ONE extremely limited stat. The one compliment i can give is the orb drop on multi kills. We like that. Dragonfly sucks, bring back firefly, thats a prime example of a lot of changes in D2. Here have this, its not as good but you'll grow to like it. The 2 primary weapon slots, and 1 heavy. In D1 the secondary slot made destiny great. It was the ( Magic ) formula of destiny. Youtuber's would amaze us with unbelievable sniper shots, and shocking last second shotgun wins. Alas, no more. Weapon balancing is a delicate art, bring one weapons damage up and anothers down, that's balance, not the constant nerfing we've seen of everything for the past 3 years. That said the D2 weapons are weaker and have a much higher all around TTK then the year 3 D1 weapons. Prometheus lens was the only fun I've had in non Mayhem crucible in D2, great TTK. Another very important note with weapons. If you're going to give us D1 exotic weapons they should not be behind a DLCs door. DLC content should be reserved for new inventive things we haven't seen. Those weapons should just be given through regular updates for everyone. To summarize, Weapons • decrease TTK • make 4th weapon slot special weapon • kinetic, energy, special, power • make masterworks cost less • masterworks should have more stat options • make another option to re-roll fixed stats • bring back machine guns • ( balance ) current weapons • ammo synthesis are needed • and turn off juggler ( yes we know it's there ) • white ammo for kinetic and energy • green ammo for new special • purple for power The reason I say add a 4th special weapon slot is because it would be the easiest way to fix THE problem. Kinetic and energy have to be used in D2 i get it. Energy weapons brake Shields, and kinetic do more damage to non shielded combatants. So because of this I suggest splitting the power into 2 halves like D1 but leaving the kinetic and energy alone. Add back in machine guns to the power weapons slot and BAM problem fixed. Look at the options screen there's even room for one more box, it's like it was meant to be there. But how would you select it you say? Long press, long press, Cycles special and power. Short press, short press, Cycles kinetic and energy. All weapon types need ammo buffs. Way, way, too much taking away, it's time to give back a little. Guardian powers i would also like to address. First, they have gotten a hell of a lot weaker. Grenades, melee and supers are all weaker across the broad, they all need buffs. If a grenade is attached to your flipen face and it blows up, you should be dead end of story. Melee, 1 charged, then 1 regular, you should be dead, not 4 hits, come on this is unexceptable. Melee speeds are all alot slower then D1 too, they also need buffs. Supers need tuning, all of the supers are weak, accept nova bomb. Nova needs a small nerf in crucible only. Crazy agressive tracking bomb, then turns into crazy agressive tracking seekers. Would be great if supers could not be spammed in Mayhem. ( please adjust nerfs and buffs for pve separate from pvp, on everything ) Guardian sub class trees. This also has to change, we need more options, and customisation then D1, not 2 options, really, 2 come on. We want to mix and match at are liking, even more then 8 options, plus super types adjustments like D1. Grenades, melees, and supers need to have adjustable recharge times again. Along with the current movement, resilience, recovery. That's MORE options then its predecessor not less, sticking to what all sequels should be delivering at launch. Game play for pve and pvp. Raids need to be a mixture of puzzles, and boss fights, plural not singular. Example 6 activities 3 puzzles 3 bosses. Raid loot, being gear, and weapons! These need to be desirable, and have exceptional traits. Think Vault of Glass weapons pre Nerfs and weekly challenge raid gear! Again you don't need to change what you have just change what you will be dropping from here on out. The modifiers in night falls and Strikes need an Overhaul also, I'll leave that up to you guys. Strikes how can I say this, they feel very cut and paste. Aside from the Arms Dealer and Savathun's song. Not asking you to change what you have, just what will be coming out in the future. Think the omnigul strike and the summoning pit, heck all of them. No one likes momentum. Enemies in PVE take far too long to kill their health needs to be nerfed or increase Guardian output damage across everything! PVE should have more things to do. I had mentioned bounties, and I strongly believe there needs to be a monthly, week to week rotating event! Example Week 1 Iron Banner, week 2 faction rally, week 3 Sparrow racing, week 4 not sure you'll have to come up with that one. Repeat again next month! This keeps it fresh and makes it a limited event. Strikes, you should be able to pick which one you want to do, end of story. PVP, TTK needs to come way down across the board' weapons, grenades, melee, supers. Everyone should be able to pick what they want to PLAY! Boards should be ideal for the activity you pick! Spawning needs to be corrected. We want more PVP options than D1 not 2 options! With the new special weapons slot. You will need to spawn Special ammo twice as much as power in 4 or 3 spots, all at the same time, around the board. Adjust as needed. Very excited to see that PVP will be prioritized by skill level first, pat on the back for that one, finally. Last but not least a small overview of additional problems. Armor mods, they take up too much space they need to be simplified. Spending Max glimmer week after week in search of a singular ability mod I don't have to no avail, needs to stop. You need to change the likelihood of getting weapon mods you don't already have, to top priority! Vault space always needs to be able to hold everything that you're offering us. Shaders they're a hot mess take up tons of space they need an Overhaul! And for Pete's sakes can you not add the ability to select how many you want to delete at one time. Iron Banner token reward system sucks, you're aware of that hopefully that will be fixed in the near future! All in all, your game should give back, if we put in the time. In addition, would it really be that hard to build a barbershop type area where you could change the appearance of your guardians. They've been asking for that for like 3 years.

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