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Birthplace of the Exo: Possible location of the Deep Stone Crypt

Digging through the Grimiore cards of Destiny 1 while researching potential connections of the Karnstein Armlets (Exotic Warlock gauntlets) to Maya Sundaresh (Golden Age researcher), I found a little detail that may explain a few things concerning the Deep Stone Crypt or, at the very least, the colony in which Chioma Esi (A colleague of Maya) was stationed after working on Venus with the Ishtar Collective. In the Grimiore card: Ghost Fragment: Vex 5, Maya makes a note of saying, "even with all [b]Hyperion’s[/b] work and all [b]Hyperion’s[/b] distance" Chioma still makes an effort to stay in connect with Maya. The main thing (mentioned twice in the citation) is the name, Hyperion. Hyperion is mentioned two other times, not in Destiny 1, but in Destiny 2: 1) As the name of a rare sparrow and 2) in a set of shipping logs gathered, in a scan-able item on the Rigs on Titan, by the Ghost. Hyperion itself is a name given to a Greek Titan of Light and the Sun, who was a brother of Cronus. The Latin equivalent to Cronus is Saturn, like the planet that was named after him and the moons that orbit Saturn bear names of Cronus/Saturn's brothers and sisters, including Hyperion. The moon Hyperion is oddly shaped compared to most moons, having a more egg shape than the usual sphere and particularly wide, deep craters, but its composition is (assumed) to primarily be of ice and traces of metal and rock. In Cayde-6's Treasure Island book/journal, Cayde writes: [quote]"[b]Saturn. No, someplace else. Someplace colder.[/b] This moon has been almost completely converted, [b]a sarcophagus of ice and iron[/b]. Stone towers rung round with glaciers, [b]rooted deep within a heart of snow[/b]. I came here flesh and bone. Gave everything to the ice. Started over. Rebooted." [/quote] The references to the ice and glaciers would be a near perfect match to the surface of Hyperion for the location of the Deep Stone Crypt. However, Cayde does say that the facility/colony he was sent to was not Saturn and many of the Jovian (Gas giant) moons do have varying amounts of ice on their surfaces. Whether he is saying that the facility was not a fully established colony such as Titan, a lesser known facility/station or on a different moon of a different planet entirely is unknown to me at the moment. If this is not the location of the Deep Stone Crypt, then the location of Chioma Esi after working on Venus would be Saturn's moon, Hyperion. Side note: The reason in the Grimoire card for Maya talking specifically about 'distance' is because she was stationed in Lhasa, Tibet (just north of Nepal) on Earth, while Chioma (assuming this research is correct) is on Hyperion in the orbit of Saturn. Now that's a long-distance relationship. [b]Edit:[/b] Cayde specifically mentions that where he goes to become an Exo is a [b]moon[/b] so its not an artificial satellite. Cayde describes the facility he goes to on a “moon [that] has been almost completely converted” and “a sarcophagus of ice and rock”. The thing to note about Hyperion is its size, it is significantly smaller when compared to Titan, almost a 19th the size of Titan (based roughly on the mean radius of both moons). The size of this moon would make it relatively easy to make into a fully functioning facility due to technological advancements of the Golden Age and the resources, potentially SIVA, of Clovis Bray (the distance across the moon being 360.2 km, 266 km, and 205.4 km at different end points). Clovis Bray would be a widespread corporation that would no doubt need to keep its image in good light, thus far flung facilities would be perfect for less than ethical practices. Despite Cayde saying that the facility wasn’t Saturn, we have no information showing any evidence of Guardians or the Golden Age pioneers making it past the first two gas giants. When the word ‘Jovians’ is used, it is usually used in context of Jupiter and Saturn exclusively. [b]Edit:[/b] The above paragraph involving evidence suggesting Guardians not being beyond Saturn has been debunked. Please reference the comment left by 'A Rising Wind' below. [b]Edit:[/b] It should be mentioned that this is complete speculation and that this research was done at about 12:30 AM. Collective information was found at: Ishtar Collective - [url][/url] NASA - [url][/url] Destinypedia - [url][/url]

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