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11/2/2017 10:38:01 PM

The Tale of Power Ammo & The Lament of The Great Heavy Drop

"HEAVY AMMO AVAILABLE" Awwww snap, your team Huddle's up. A blue colored name jumping around in the distance let's all of you know. That guy, isn't coming, so let's feast. Boom!! 5/6ths of your team just got way more badasser and for the next couple of minutes it's gonna be chaos! Explosions! Multikills! D-bags with swords who are finally going to have ammo, it was nuts...and maybe that lone wolf got lucky and nova bombed the other team when they were all huddled up waiting for the heavy mic drop of the match. The dynamic of running to make it to the heavy like you were missing a train. The mystery of who popped it? Was it that guy? Or him? Maybe her? Man, she's been picking that special up like it's free beer at a (relevant rock artist name here) concert. Those days...are no longer, which brings me to my point. Am I the only one who feels like this whole one person gets the power ammo thing is effing ridiculous?! Yes I understand the new weapon system being the way it is would mean a lot more power weapons being used. Which people might find to be a good thing considering the current meta. They initially probley gave it to everyone, and then thought, that's too much. How about just one person gets it instead of decreasing the drop rate which we know from past experience would tick people off. Well I for one think it's just dumb and frustrating. Crowding up for the heavy ammo drop was the only moment in the old crucible that gave it a sense of teamwork when you were playing with 5 strangers. It was one of those unspoken rules that the majority of us followed. Get there around the 5 second mark or so, maybe just in the nick of time and if there's a couple of people who just spawned, we waited. That's right, in the crowd historically known for tea bagging and not believing in Karma. We waited. Sometimes 3, 5 or even 8 seconds after it dropped. We guardians sat and waited for our fellow PvP'ers to reach that heavy so the team was that much stronger and some unknown player in the group would hold down square and rain purple goodness upon the team. Now? It's all, get mine, screw everybody else, I want it, doesn't matter if I die right away. Not only that but one team can end up getting both. So Captain Bungie, explain this dynamic. In the game that was heavily advertised as easier for new players to get into and more balanced and fair then the previous game why oh why is this the way our precious purple is handled in the crucible. PS: I miss heavy consumables in PVE but I'll save that for another day. PSS: I love the game, obviously. I literally haven't played anything else since I got D1 right before Dark Below dropped.

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