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[Suggestion] Weapons Manufacturers Uniformity / Multi-Element Exotics Hard-Light + Borealis

Hello, this is my post of suggestions to improve two things that currently bother me since Destiny 2 is a Lore Based Game. 1. [u]Exotics that have Multi-Element changes and Hard Light Balance"[/u] - as of right now I don't think the stats of this weapon actually reflect the actual weapon at its base stats making it one of the potentially best/worst exotics currently of its Auto-Rifle class. Another issue is its inability to change damage type in game rather than going to the menus (which lock on some nightfall modifications when you cannot change gear) [b][u]In Short:[/u][/b] - Give Hard-Light "The Fundamentals" perk allowing it to change damage type on holding reload on Trait slot. - Balance Hard-Light to be as stable as some of the other 600 RPM Auto-Rifles such as the Scathlocke or the Gillard-42 or better as the stability stats are much higher (basically the screen shake is ridiculous and needs to be addressed). - Change Borealis Intrinsic perk to "Prismatic Light Matrix" which will damage to all shield types regardless of color and possibly stun enemies. Also make tracer a rainbow color to show this effect (rather than Red/Blue/Purple tracers for static weapon elements) and make this weapon unique. **Click The Spoiler to See My Reasonings** [spoiler][b]About Hard Light Stats in General:[/b] [url][/url] [quote]Attack - 42 Impact - 21 Range - 46 Zoom - 16 Aim - 100 Stability - 68 Recoil - 100 Equip Speed - 75 Magazine - 49 Rate of Fire - 600 Fire Mode - Automatic Reload - 68[/quote] At a glance, Hard Light has seemingly amazing stats compared to weapons in the [b]600 Round Auto-Rifle Class[/b]. However when you actually equip the weapon it is nearly impossible to aim on consoles (Not sure for PC yet as I have not obtained the weapon) but it has extreme usefulness as it can be made a great nightfall weapon. One of the issues with the weapon is its inability to change its damage type in game with a key press and you have to go into the menu to change its damage type. Something that would be useful to its nature is to possibly give weapons that have the ability to change damage type to change by holding a specific key like the Borealis sniper exotic if possible maybe change the intrinsic perk for the Borealis to something like "Prismatic Light Matrix" which will damage all shields regardless of type and give the Hard-Light the ability to switch its damage type in its trait slot. [/spoiler] ----------------------------- 2. [u]The Weapon Foundry Lore / Uniformity[/u] - Häkke, MIDA, Omolon, SUROS, Veist (there may be others that I have not seen but these are the main ones) Its sad to see all these company names such as [b]Häkke, MIDA, Omolon, SUROS, Veist[/b] and no uniqueness or order come from these weapons and basically a uniformity by Manufacture missing. My reccomendation is to touch up on the lore of these weapon founders and maybe adjust stats based on the founder history/lore Most of the weapons are ok however seeing some weapons becoming in reign with the corresponding lore would be great and ties in with the first issue of the hard light balancing. [b][u]In Short:[/u][/b] - Rebalance specific foundry weapons to match foundry style. - Exotics under these foundry makers are a exclusion for the mold. - This will allow the community to know that a person equiping a majoity of these weapons ahs a certain playstyle and will help with competiveness. From what I have seen the developers intend to do is add some uniformity to the Weapon Founders and I've come across the following determinations **CLICK TO SEE**: [spoiler][u]Häkke[/u] - Häkke weapons are simple, reliable, and focus on offense they resemble current day weapons that are frequently high impact, low rate of fire weapons that have better accuracy and recoil when they are aimed and stationary, boasts informational and Automation in weapon systems, such as target highlighting, missile tracking, and more function over damage. [u]MIDA[/u] - Weapons made by a martian rebel group, made for solo-operators and hit and run tactics boasting speed, information, and average damage These weapons are meant to be paired as a set and used in conjunction together. [u]Omolon[/u] - A pioneer of energy weapons, with an emphasis on good handling and behavioral perks over stat modification. Experimental weaponery bordering on the irresponsible fusion of the mad scientist and product engineer of the new frontier. Hallmark is the liquid ammo displays and Omolon power cells. [u]SUROS[/u] - most stat-customization options of any weapons, making them flexible for all combat scenarios. Suros weapons tend to favor good handling and offer the most sight mods of any foundry. SUROS weapons feature curved surfaces and sleek red-and-white designs. This is your build a weapon weapon class. [u]Veist [/u]- The majority of Veist's weapons are fast-firing and quick-handling, with a balancing set of perks and a unique appearance that sets it apart from the other foundries. Veist weapons are noted to have a distinct, futuristic visual style. Veist weapons are meant for shooting and moving and a low damage, high mobility and movement weapons. [u]Vanguard and Other weapons[/u] - Weapons of the Vanguard, Crucible, and non-foundry weapons are a mixed bag of tricks often containing unique survival, or parts/perks taken from other foundery weapons. These weapons have been retrofitted from banshee-44 to mix and match parts and perks and often contain explosive rounds, damage buffs or kill-oriented based rewards.[/spoiler]

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